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    Default New member looking for advice

    Hi all,

    I have a "classic" LX200 with a f/6.3 FR, as my main scope (also have a wedge for it). I also have a more portable rig with an Orion ED80 on an LXD75 AutoStar GEM mount. The f/6.3 reducer can be used with it, if needed. I am thinking of the ASI385MC as the best "bang for the buck" camera for video astronomy.

    1. Is this a good way to go? Any better suggestions?
    2. Can this be made to work with a MacBook on MacOS, or do I need to install Windows (e.g., with VirtualBox) for SharpCap?
    3. Will it work on both of my scopes?

    Not quite decided on taking the plunge, but definitely sorely tempted! My motivation is to be able to continue backyard astronomy in an increasingly light polluted environment (and and aging body!), and for crowd pleasing. Thanks!

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    Default Re: New member looking for advice

    Hello, astromusic!

    I have been looking into it for myself this couple of days. Please, take this advice lightly, as I am not very experienced myself and not started yet with video astronomy.

    I think both of your scopes could work for video astronomy, as they are good for astrophotography in general if they have at least a go to mount, better if is equatorial.

    The focal reducer will help a lot for sure, the shorter the better to take images and reduce exposure times.

    ZWO ASI models are all extensively used for this purpose, as the CMOS sensors can be very quick. I was thinking about going for the ASI244MC, still cheaper than the 385. You can find a good guide if you google Agena Buyer's Guide to ZWO Astronomy Cameras

    I do not think SharpCap is available for Mac, but FireCapture is, and is similar. I think it is free for ZWO but check before.

    Hope it helps!



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