Hi Video Astronomy Enthusiasts,

As a medical/scientific imaging specialist, my work has run parallel with my astro-imaging interests. I have had access to cameras and equipment for testing/trial purposes way beyond what the average amateur would have, so I share my equipment & experiences with you, especially those newcomers whose interest is in video astronomy.

I have been using video in astronomy since 1968 and must have tried most cameras, capture devices, frame grabbers, web cam, video cams, HD SDI, etc over the years.

Here is a link to my equipment album, the images have descriptive text to help the newcomer.

These simple & low cost $25 video capture devices work very well indeed, as does this more expensive Imaging Source capture device. I use several different types.
USB 2.0 Video Grabber & Audio Capture - S-Video - Analogue to Digital - Software on eBay!

This one I use all the time:
USB Video Adapters

This is for high end HD 1920x1080 Video use:
Blackmagic Design UltraStudio SDI - USB 3.0 - BDLKULSASDI | Videoguys Australia

And this one I have on order to experiment with using HDMI:
Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro- PCIe - BINTSPRO | Videoguys Australia

Check out these links, as you will see, there is a capture device to suit every need and price from $25 to $K's

Clear skies...