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    The sky only looks lower due to deflation in the economy we have been experiencing this last 2 years.. But like everything else in the economy at the moment it is heading back up...
    Except my wages!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nost View Post
    Kimberly, Have you had an eye test recently? Quite seriously and not patronisingly...

    this is maybe due to one of three things vision, perception, perception of vision. Get your eyes tested. As we grow older our eyeballs change shape, get weeker at focusing, generally getting feeble with age.

    Most people may not notice any difference other than with their usual reference points (reading, looking to the bottom of the garden) but since you spend time looking up, that may be where you most notice the change.

    If it's just perception then i guess you'll just have to get used to it... or visit a neurology specialist.

    this is only a guess at best but maybe worth following up.

    Take care
    Hmm... Eye test. I have had my eyes checked since this began, and unless the doctor was totally incompetent, my eyes are fine. There has been another oddity in my vision for at least 15 years which doctor after doctor has been unable to explain: without being blurry, I see what I call light interference in the air. Its like seeing air. Really, really, really hard to describe. My brain has to process what I see filtering around gentle swirls of light movement in the "space" between myself and the object. This is all the time. And its not floaters; I know that much. Anyway, don't know what I'm seeing/perceiving. Doesn't interfere with my day to day life, except for being an extreme curiosity, and is not unsafe. I'm not worried, just still looking for an explanation.
    Note: I didn't know much about this forum until I found this thread. And I didn't know it was an Ireland forum. I was googling for mentions by others on the internet of similar experiences... and so I commented.
    Take care everybody! =)

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    Default Re: Why does the sky look lower?

    I've been searching the net for the answer to this aswell. I noticed it when I first moved to England from Sweden. Then my mum said the same thing when she came to visit in England. "The clouds are so far down it looks like they're walking on the ground" was her exact words. An English friend said his Australian friend also felt the English sky is lower than in Australia.
    The difference is much like being in a low ceiling house to a cathedral.
    It does not seem to differ between cities or nature so can't be an optical illusion because of the streets being narrower, more or less/higher or lower buildings etc.

    There is definitely nothing wrong with your eyes as someone suggested.

    Yr not alone in having this experience, there just doesn't seem to be anyone with the scientific knowledge to answer WHY that's experienced it and bothered to tell the internet.

    My only theory is that it's possibly higher (or at least appearing higher) at higher latitudes i.e the further away from the equator you are (like Sweden and Australia), or it depends on how much smog there is (I read that smog will be closer to the ground in a comment here: Earth's Clouds Are Getting Lower, Which Could Be a Good Thing | Popular Science )

    Can anyone confirm whether either or both theories is true or false?

    I'm dying to find the answer to this optical or actual mystery!


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