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    Default What radio frequencies to "hear" Perseids ?

    On Fri, 8 Aug 2008 00:34:20 +0100, "Quagmire" <>

    You want an omni-directional antenna, something like a discus is good.
    It can be tricky selecting a frequency which offers good echoes, you
    don't know if it's useful or not (or better than an alternative
    frequency) until you actually receive a response. Apart from listening
    to the audio you can feed the signal into your PC and use an FFT
    transform program to 'visualise' and make a permanent recording of the
    meteor trail. Those frequencies I use include 59.257,030; 62.192,700;
    and 48.249,200. There are some E. European transmitters with enormous
    outputs, and some Spanish TV transmitters which also give good
    results. Neither can be guaranteed to work throughout the night, and
    sadly a lot of these analog signal TV transmitters (which are the most
    useful) are going offline, replaced by digital transmissions.


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    Default What radio frequencies to "hear" Perseids ?

    On 4 Aug, 02:07, "Quagmire" <> wrote:

    I listen alot to Meteor Scatter using a standard FM Radio. Just tune
    to any clear frequency from 87.50MHz to 108.00MHz. I use 87.70MHz alot
    as this is usually clear in the U.K. apart from the odd pirate station
    or RSL Station.

    As I type this I have just heard Spain from Valdemoro on 87.50MHz with
    a "PING" lasting about half a second, (distance 1,392 km).
    France is another common one I hear alot from Strasbourg, a distance
    of 827 km.

    I also monitor clear frequencies on the Car Radio whilst driving to
    work and hear quite a few.

    The Perseids should be good as we have a day time peak around 1230
    locat time. No good for visual but great for radio.

    Good Viewing & Listening.

    William Kitching
    Telford, Shropshire.

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    Default What radio frequencies to "hear" Perseids ?

    "Quagmire" <> wrote in message

    Am having good "pings" at the moments on 48.249.21 MHz !!!! Yippee !

    Thanks for all the help and advice guys ;-)

    Anyone else fancy a dabble - the G7IZU site is awesome.... a lot of good
    resources - and a friendly guy to !

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    Default What radio frequencies to "hear" Perseids ?

    In message <X_Ynk.101820$dz3.99832@newsfe20.ams2>, Quagmire
    <> writes

    Well done.

    Fellow radio-meteor observer, Thomas Ashcraft has his observations
    featured on


    EARLY PERSEIDS: On August 11th in New Mexico, amateur astronomer Thomas
    Ashcraft caught an early Perseid streaking over his radio observatory.
    "One of them had a dynamic and rippingly intricate sonic radio
    David Entwistle


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