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I found your questions interesting. Here's my take on it...

Indeed, there are apparently many different systems. I'm only
responding as a judicial astrologer, which depends entirely on
the positions of the nearer planets to Earth's meridian houses,
plus the ability of the astrologue to "turn" the numbering of
the houses, since Atlas holds up the Earth for the Gods, and
not conversely. That's the gist of judicial astrology. Thus
event charts, birth charts, death charts, progressions, etc.,
are all calculated and deduced likewise. Comparatively simple,
and demonstrably proven, method of great antiquity, Chaldean.

Whether acquiring or separating, generally 7 degrees. Again,
relative by the positions of the planets to meridian houses.
E.g., if the adjudicated horoscope numbers Mars first decan
first house, square Moon first decan fourth house, acquiring
in tight orb (under 2 degrees), then the square is significant
and benefic, because both Mars-inferior and Moon are ruling in
their respective meridian houses. Or, by contrast, say Mercury
is in the third house acquiring square to Jupiter in the sixth
house, then the square is doubly benefic for Mercury, malefic
for Jupiter, because Mercury is ruling inferior and Jupiter is
fallen in the house made by, disposited by, Mercury-superior,
so is a very significant square aspect, very good for Mercury,
and maligned for Jupiter.
The Olympian Gods, particularly: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter,
Moon, Sun. Then Saturn, altogether for numbering, adjudicating,
the meridian houses of the horoscope. All ten planets, and in
rare cases beyond, for discerning the sojourn in natal charts,
always made between Ascendant and Midheaven, but not always at
the moment of birth, but within the 24 angle-hours constrained
by the changes of the planets' positions within that timeframe.

I don't use them. But like they say, to each his own.

Assuming you mean two persons, the only way to investigate that
is if they're in love first, preferably married, then to compare
their horoscopes and sojourning planets. I believe the Tarot of
judicial astrology helps tremendously in evaluating comparisons,
and compatibilities, which develop in time. This "until death do
us part" business is inadequate to account for past lives, karma,
and the Immortal spirit-person developments, seeing that families
and friends tend to flock together, even old enemies seem to come
back around in time to do battle again. IOW, love is the ultimate
subject to address in astrology, and any other pursuit, I believe.

In a word, Vanity. Or in another word, Atheism.

In a word, Humility. Or in another word, Theism.

They don't call Mercury the "trickster" without cause.

The interpreter has soul, and those who read such interpretations
also have soul. But the interpretations all by themselves do not
have soul. So the answer would have to be no.

That's a tough one. Perhaps the chart for December 21, 2012?

Words like "exactly" aren't exactly pertinent in the context of
astronomical observation and calculation. Referencing Aldebaran
15Tau00, and assuming the modern-day ephemeris (JPL-DE406, etc.)
to be reasonably accurate and reliable for the foreseeable future
(and that's making some pretty big assumptions, which I wouldn't
make, considering Earth's prior catastrophism, etc.) In _theory_,
the vernal equinox Sun is predicted to precessionally ingress the
third decan of caelestial Aquarius, on or about the year ~2370 AD.

{insert ancient Greco-Roman, Egypto-Babylonian, Judeo-Christian,
Mayan, Vedic, Golden Encyclopaedia of Knowledge and Wisdom here}

See: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/swisseph.htm
In summary, Light-geocentric coordinates.

Magi would be the closest, Mercury being the Magus.

Rather does rule the focus, center of the Zodiac, center of activity.

If you mean does it rule Virgo, I believe the answer is no.



Ten planets, Twelve signs. Can't have the one without the other.

Meridian houses. But "do what thou wilt", whether or not that's
the "whole of the law". Seems to work fine for the sinless Sons
of God. But doesn't work out so well for the sinful sons of man.

I don't. At most, I use decans and pentads for detailed horoscopes.

Neither. Each one considered separately, then compared accordingly.

If by "actual" you imply I.A.U. designations, years ago I posted
star charts for J2000, using Aldebaran 15Tau00, to chart brighter
stars for the twelve caelestial zodiacal constellations, and in a
separate chart for the eighty-eight I.A.U. constellations, again
with respect to Aldebaran 15Tau00. That being the key difference:

*The Eighty-Eight I.A.U. constellations on Earth's caelestial sphere (J2000):

*The Twelve Zodiacal Constellations on Earth's caelestial sphere (J2000):

See: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/swisseph.htm
In summary, Light-geocentric.

In judicial astrology, the caelestial equator is the momentary
earth-sun ecliptic. Whereas the Earth's rotational-axis equator
is called her terrestrial equator. At least in instances of very
close conjunctions of major planets, I believe this is important,
i.e. where caelestial latitude and caelestial longitude are very
close, within arcminutes, together. A most notable example would
be the early morning Jupiter-Venus conjunctions on August 12, 3 BC,
and the early evening Jupiter-Venus conjunctions on June 17, 2 BC.
So it's pretty obvious that latitude -and- longitude does seem to
matter. The Magoi in those days certainly seemed to think so. The
Parthian magoi were the best astrologers in the world at the time.

Assuming you mean Lunar Node (head of the Dragon) and Lilith
(tail of the Dragon), I believe the answer is, generally, no.
Though everything must have at least some subtle significance.

If you were to use nodes of other objects, then Light-geocentric.

That's a good question. Mean is close enough, but I use True Node.
And I compare Mean Lilith with Oscillating Lilith, so see how far
apart they are when near meridian house cusps. I do find they are
very significant for adjudicating horoscopes, owing to, I believe,
the Adamic Fall and subordinating obliquity and instability of the
Earth-Moon system, the Moon being "the closest of our silver", the
divine ruler of the first heaven popularly called the Astral plane.

Dittos. When in doubt, use mean.

Pluto ranks equal with the other nine Gods of the Pantheion.
As for "equality" between astrology and astronomy, these are
two very distinct disciplines, Gk. aster:nomia, "star to name",
and Gk. aster:logia "star to reckon". Either discipline can be
as simple or as complicated, thus too often as obfuscated, as
mere mortal, fallible, sinful men can make it thus can easily
deceive and mislead those who are easily deceived and misled,
gentiles who are still plugged into 'The Matrix' of illusion.

The nearer planets from their positions to the meridian houses.
The Ascendant, planets in ascendancy, part of Fortune and part
of Spirit also, and "flipped" by the position of the Ascendant
relative to the East Point. Thus accuracy of time and location
are crucial to accurate chart calculation. Otherwise it comes
down to chart rectification, i.e. more intuitive than logical,
more uranian than mercurial, more aetheric than intellectual.
As Nostradamus wrote, "there is nothing less uncertain than
strict astronomical calculation". So whatever points may be
useful in a chart, they must be reasonably accurate, before
their potential relevancy in that chart can be considered.

Adultery, any *** out of wedlock, is much too common of a sin
to "blame" on any one planet or sign. Souls incarnate from the
Uranus sojourn do tend to be extreme, like a light switch, on
or off, all or nothing, my way or the highway, extremely good,
or extremely evil. Homosexuality is certainly extreme behavior,
but so is every other flagrant sin that the lords of karma hold
sinners accountable for. But having planets in the eighth house,
particularly Mars, promotes vitality, self-propagation, of the
species. But this would be heterosexuality, not homosexuality.

That depends very much on what you mean by "learning". So the
question itself is something of a no-brainer, no pun intended.
E.g., people can be highly intelligent and also highly unwise.
Or they could be retarded and still have the wisdom of Solomon.
Because Wisdom is of Neptune, whereas Intellect is of Mercury.
There are many different kinds of learning, some more worldly,
some more other-worldly. Thus as many kinds of "disabilities".
Dittos, and for the same reasons, because there is the physical,
the temporal, intelligence of the mortal human brain, and there
is the heavenly intelligence of the Immortal spirit-person, or
soul. That's why identical twins are often so very different in
their psychic personalities, because they're Individual, unique,
in the Universe. Which raises the question how can each soul be
unique, when the Universe is infinite? I.e., how can all men be
Created equal, and yet each one be uniquely Individual?

Psychic tension. Like on a piano keyboard, play the middle C and
the E above middle C. It sounds major, happy, sustenant, doesn't
it? Then play the middle C and the Eb (D#) above middle C. That
has a minor, sad, melancholy feel. It's what you see, hear, feel
taste, and touch. Apply that principle to the psyche, and you're
getting into the Occult senses. Like middle C is Aries, and the E
above middle C is Leo, Creator and Sustainer of Fire. Whereas the
Eb (D#) is Cancer, Creator of Water. And the one hearing, sensing
these psychic signs, is co-existing in all Ten heavens, as all ten
bodies, altogether; the tenth body divided at death and the second
death, in the same way that heaven and hell are similarly divided,
to wit there's the Hell here, and there's the Hell over there too.
There's Death here, and there's Death the over there too. It's all
spelled out plainly in the Book of Revelation, which I believe is
the most Astrological book ever written. But that's just my take
on it. And I have yet to meet two people who agree on everything.