Hi All,

If any of you are within striking distance of York this Friday, 4th Jan, you
may like to come along to the York AS Talk to be held in the Denham room at
the Priory St Centre, at Priory Street (just off Micklegate), York, YO1 6ET,
(5 minutes walk from the Railway station).

"A Physicians guide to stellar evolution" - or should that be an
astrophysician? - By Dr John Lockett.

This talk is aimed at giving an understanidng of the interesting topic of
stellar evolution, or, how do stars form, grow old, and die? This talk has
been written from a beginner's perspective and should be most informative
and illuminating. If you've ever wondered what the difference is between a
Red Giant and a White Dwarf, or why some stars fade away while others
explode in a supernova, then this is the talk for you!

Nearest public car park is Nunney Lane and costs £2 for the night after 6pm
(£1 for York residents). There is limited car parking on Priory Street

Meetings start at 8pm sharp, but feel free to arrive from 7:30pm onwards for
a chat.

Admission on the door is £1 for YAS members, £2 for non-members, with all
16s and under free.

Full details on our web site at www.yorkastro.co.uk .

Very best wishes and clear, dark skies


Paul B, York, UK.

York Astronomical Society
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