I've just sold my TAL-1, in preparation for moving house. But I'd like
to replace it with something a bit more compact, but which still doesn't
break the bank.

I'm still finding my way around the sky with bigger scopes, so an EQ
mount isn't essential. I'm currently considering a small GOTO scope, or
even a Dobsonian.

I do like to hunt around a bit, and see what I can see. I do enjoy
looking for DSOs, but also revel in viewing the planets when they become
visible, as well as some lunar viewing too.

In short, I guess I need a good all-rounder. I'm currently considering
the ETX80, or the Celestron 8" Dob, but not sure how well each might
meet my expectations. I was quite happy with the TAL, although planetary
views were a little disappointing.

Andy Hewitt