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    Default Eyepiece suggestions and help

    My husband bought me an 8" Meade LX90 (secondhand) for my birthday. We have
    been enjoying manually finding stars and planets in the sky and have just
    recently tried using the GoTo computer to seek things out. Currently we
    only have one 26mm eyepiece. This has been fine for getting familiar with
    the scope and just general viewing but we are interested in obtaining other
    eyepieces. For the first one (they will have to come one at a time due to
    cost) we would like to find a nice one for viewing the planets. Something to
    bring the planets in a bit. I am not sure how high a magnification to look
    for. Right now I would guess a 7mm or so would possibly be good but with
    how expensive eyepieces can be, I would prefer to get a bit more input
    before forking out the money.

    Can anyone suggest a good magnification (or range of magnification) to look
    for and good brands to consider?

    Also any suggestions on what we should consider for the next piece, possibly
    a Barlow or just another magnification?

    Thanks for any help you can pass our way.

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    Default Eyepiece suggestions and help

    Hi there,

    Definitely get a barlow. Not only does this double your effective
    eyepiece collection but it also gives you short focal length eyepieces
    but with the better eye-relief and field of view you get with the
    longer focal length eyepiece.

    I bought an 8mm Radian recently for my LX10 (pretty similar optically
    to the LX90 I believe). That gives you 250x mag which is fine for
    planets and on a good day you can slap in the barlow. People will say
    that 500x is too much for an 8" scope and they may be right but I like
    to see things close up!

    I also have a Televue 8-24mm zoom which has it's drawbacks (poor FOV)
    but pretty much covers every magnifiaction you could want.

    The Televue eyepieces are pricey though. An occasional treat for me.

    You may want to add a 'widefield' eyepiece e.g. 32mm or 40mm but the
    widest field you'll get is only about 0.75 degrees.



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    Default Eyepiece suggestions and help

    Do you or your husband wear eyeglasses when observing?


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    Default Eyepiece suggestions and help

    "LeAnne Parker" <> wrote in message
    news:Ic09g.131378$ uk...
    I'd suggest stretching the budget, and getting something like an 18mm
    (perhaps 16mm to 20mm max), and a 2*Barlow. This then gives you
    effectively, 9mm, 13mm, 18mm,and 26mm.
    Do either of you wear spectacles when using the scope?. If so, then longer
    eye-relief eyepieces (tend to be more expensive), become necessary.
    Generally the shorter the focal length of an eyepiece, the less the
    eye-relief (within a given 'price bracket'), and the less often,
    atmospheric conditions will allow you to use it...
    Eyepieces, can be somewhat 'personal', and which is best, may even vary
    with the type of scope (for example, I have both a Nagler, and a Pentax,
    in one focal length, because I prefer the results with the former on a
    refractor, but the latter on an SCT...). There are some very 'acceptable'
    eyepieces, that only a few years ago, would have been considered
    'good/great', at quite bargain prices now. Though 'ultra wide angle'
    eyepieces are often nice, they cost a lot more than designs like the
    Plossl, and if you stick to these, from a 'name' manufacturer, the cost
    should not be too horrible.

    Best Wishes

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    Default Eyepiece suggestions and help

    Thanks for the input. I knew we would want a Barlow at some point but,
    being new to this, I was not sure how effective they were and whether or not
    it was something we should buy near the beginning or after we had become
    more proficient with the scope and our knowledge. We do wear glasses as
    well so the eyerelief knowledge is good to know. And questions about wide
    angle lens had crossed my mind. At the moment, I think we will postpone
    buying a wide angle lens until later, though they do look nice but the price
    tags are a bit more than I am willing to invest until we get more into this.

    Do you get better results using the same brand eyepieces as the scope you
    use or do other makes work 'just as well' and it is truly a matter of
    preference? As a first time buyer, I was leaning mostly towards buying
    Meade eyepieces but was unsure if other pieces would work just as well.

    My husband found this link on e-bay for a set of lens:

    On the surface it would look like a good deal but it is whether or not
    Celestron optics are any good or not. Opinions?

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    Default Eyepiece suggestions and help

    "Don't Be Evil" <> wrote in message

    Yes, we do, though my husband takes his off at times. Our 6 year old son
    though doesn't wear glasses. Admittedly we do spend a bit of time refocusing
    from one user to the next.

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    Default Eyepiece suggestions and help

    In article <Ic09g.131378$ >,
    LeAnne Parker <> wrote:

    I also have an LX90. Like you, I'm on a budget - mostly wife-imposed

    When I bought the scope, I bought one of those fairly cheap Celestron
    Omni eyepieces. Nasty. Won't be doing that again. So for planets I
    tended to use the original 26mm Series 4000 eyepiece, plus a barlow lens
    if the seeing was good.

    Recently, I bought a 9mm Series 5000 Meade eyepiece, and I'm really
    pleased with that. Not top of the range, but not cheap and nasty

    I don't use the barlow with it - it doesn't really gain me much. I
    prefer the smaller more contrasty image.

    I'd also thoroughly recommend, if you don't already have one, some light
    reducing filters if you're going to look at the moon when it's anything
    other than a sliver of a crescent. It's too dazzling to look at
    otherwise. They don't cost much at all.


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    Default Eyepiece suggestions and help

    There's no reason at all to use eyepieces of the same brand as your
    telescope. The only compatibility issue is the barrel size (.96, 1.25,

    The best eyepieces are probably Pentax and TeleVue, and they're priced
    that way, too.

    Meade Series 4000 and 5000 are very good, but the UWA series are the
    only ones with good eye relief in short focal length's, and the 8.8mm
    Series 5000 UWA is £186.

    I think the Celestron eyepieces in that kit are pretty good, but the
    only one with good eye relief is the 32mm. I don't find color filters
    useful, and instead of using a moon filter, I recommend using a higher
    magnification to cut the brightness of the moon and give stunning
    detail. Celestron also makes the X-Cel series of low-cost, long eye
    relief eyepieces. They generally get poor reviews. Orion makes
    essentially identical ones called Epic's.

    I'd recommend either of these two for a mid-priced planetary:
    Orion Stratus 8mm. 20mm eye relief, 68 degree FOV. A Vixen LVW clone.
    Burgess Optical / TMB Planetary 9mm. 20mm eye relief, 60 degree FOV.
    The Orion might be better for general use and the TMB for planets.
    Also, the TMB may be 16mm eye relief, not 20 as listed.

    I'd get an eyepiece that gives you 200-250x and a barlow for rare
    occasions when conditions permit doubling that. The barlow would also
    be useful with your 26mm to give you moderate magnifications.


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    Default Eyepiece suggestions and help

    "LeAnne Parker" <> wrote in message

    If your 6yo knows how to re-focus that is a skill that many 30yos don't
    have - and in a very real sense it is the whole point of education.

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    Default Eyepiece suggestions and help

    "LeAnne Parker" <> wrote in message
    news:Ic09g.131378$ uk...

    Hi LeAnne - valuable advice below at **!!

    It depends on your budget and how much you think you'll use them. We have
    had a 114mm Meade Newtonian for the last 5 years or so.
    On a trip to USA in '01 we bought a 32mm Plossl , a 10mm Plossl and a 2x
    barlow all for about £75 from Astronomy Warehouse in Las Vegas. Basically
    this was our upgrade from the supplied 0".945 range to the 1".25 eyepiece
    size. A little later on I managed to get a 6.7mm Plossl for about £25
    locally from

    In terms of the ebay bundle, it doesn't seem too bad a deal. Meade/Celston
    were selling similar packages at ~ £100 last year to 'new buyers', so there
    are plenty of these bundles around. It doesn't make a £125 "buy it now" a
    bad deal as you'll get a lot for your money overall.

    ** The most valuable advice I can give is
    Have yuu searched for your local Astronomical Society? There will be a
    group of people there (of variable social skills levels) who will have
    things to sell and things to buy; more important there are people who will
    be more than happy to show you how good 'their' eyepiece will be with your
    Find out what evenings that meet and where, then make yourself known. An 8"
    scope is quite respectable at any meet - and remember that the only thing
    worth moving 'up' to is a 12"scope


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