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    Default Beginner Star Hopping

    Been observing for quite a while with binoculars at most of the popular
    night sky objects, constellations and planets. Ive been hopping around
    following some easy guides with reasonable success but now I have a
    telescope its a whole different ball game!

    Its a reflector so theres a back to front and upside down thing to get used
    to, which is fine, but how specifically do more experienced observers star
    Do you look through the viewfinder, hop around and locate the object this
    way or do you tend to move around whilst looking through a wide field of
    view eyepiece?

    I'm guessing this may be where I need to get a decent star chart that shows
    much more detail than I am used to looking at.

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    Default Beginner Star Hopping

    "AB" <> wrote in message

    Hi AB,

    When star hopping I usually navigate to a naked eye star using the
    finder. Then, using a laptop and some sky chart software
    ( I have the basic Celestron application and Carte du Ciel ) - I set the sky
    chart up to give slightly larger FOV than my scope and adjust the max mag to
    show whatever the current seeing condition are. So now the chart looks just
    like the view through your scope. That way you can move along the path from
    your start point to your target without getting lost. If you can't work out
    where in the sky you are go back to the start. It's quite easy really and
    loads of fun.

    I use an eq mount - so I find it easier to find a starting point that is
    either similar dec or ra to my target - that way you only have to move one

    Its a great way to find fizzies, which aren't always easy to find directly.

    Hope that helps


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    Default Beginner Star Hopping

    Hi AB,
    A few years back I wrote an article on star hopping (my specialty!):




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