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    Default When a good bit of British Engineering makes my day

    Hi there All,

    recently I bought some parts to allow me to use a 1.25" binoviewer
    with my PST, so I was somewhat disappointed to find that the binoviewer
    thread was a different size and pitch to the adaptor thread.

    Anyhow, searching through the astronomy equipment small ads, I found
    AstroParts. A quick measure up and a drawing later I sent the idea off to
    and, bingo, a few weeks later the adaptor was made.
    Brian Brooks is a very helpful chap - good workmanship too!

    With the good weather, today, I've now tested the set up and it works! -
    to see the Sun in Stereo / almost 3-D.

    If anyone wants to see a picture of the adaptor rig, contact me off-group as
    image is 70+K. I'm happy to supply a few more details about thread sizes
    if anyone wants to go down the same route.


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    Default When a good bit of British Engineering makes my day

    "Robert Williams" <> wrote in message

    Yes, I'll second that
    - Brian came to my rescue about a year ago when a very well known company
    was unable to supply me with a focusing mechanism (despite advertising it
    etc.) correctly capable of taking my 2" widefield eyepiece.
    And for me, he's local.

    M Stewart
    Milton Keynes, UK

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    Default When a good bit of British Engineering makes my day

    Hi Robert,

    Years of experience, dependable, reliable and affordable.

    You'll find Astroparts at:

    Pierre MK-UK



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