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    Default Dew Zapper for 35mm SLR camera lens

    Hi there all,

    during last weekend's Kielder Sky Camp I was fighting against heavy
    dew to keep my camera, lens and filter free from dew, whilst taking pictures
    of the night sky.

    So, does anyone out there know of a supplier of dew zapping tapes
    for cameras, lenses and the like, that would run off a 12 volt (or smaller)
    battery pack?



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    Default Dew Zapper for 35mm SLR camera lens

    There's several solutions to this.

    1. The Kendrick Dew system. (
    2. the Astro-Engineering dew zapper.
    3. Make your own for pence. It's actually quite easy to do, just take a
    look at my website ( you can make one to run from a 12v
    supply easily, don't worry about building the dew controller, just use a
    switch to turn the element on and off as needed. The controller is really
    required for a telescope where you'd need to control the temperature for the
    scope for many hours.


    Colin Dawson

    "Robert Williams" <> wrote in message



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