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    Default The Open University - Astronomy Residential Course

    A unique opportunity to experience and practice the scientific
    exploitation of CCD astronomy, under professional supervision in a
    unique Mediterranean setting with fellow astronomy enthusiasts.

    SXR208 “Observing the Universe” ( is
    an Open University course that caters for amateur astronomers who would
    like to get first-hand experience in the techniques and tools used in
    modern professional astronomy and planetary science.

    The core of this course is a one-week residential school at the
    Observatori Astronòmic de Mallorca (, in the rural
    heart of the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Facilities at the
    observatory include seven teaching domes with fully networked 12 inch
    telescopes, a teaching laboratory, computers with data-analysis
    software, and a state-of-the-art planetarium. The main observatory
    building houses three larger telescopes used for research projects.
    Prior to the residential weeks the students study the introductory
    textbook Observing the Universe (Cambridge University Press).

    For details on the course and what is involved go to:

    The course fee includes half-board hotel accommodation in single rooms
    for one week, and six nights of tuition at the observatory.

    Due to the popularity of this course, we have had to make another week
    available in early September 2005 (registration closes on 15th July).

    Sorry for the length (>10 lines) but there was quite a lot to say! If
    anyone wants any more information then please feel free to email me or
    reply to this post. I'll try and answer as best as I can or point you in
    the right direction.


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    Default The Open University - Astronomy Residential Course

    "John D. Tanner" <> wrote in message

    <snippety snop>

    Hi John. Any idea how long this will be available for? I have only started
    studying for a future physics degree (completed S194 and S103 this year),
    and don't plan on doing S282 till 2007 or 2008.

    Also, how do you rate S283? I would like the certificate in planetary
    sciences (S282 + S283), but I can't stand biology or geology! Zzzzzzzzz.


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    Default The Open University - Astronomy Residential Course


    Hi there,

    I think the course will be running for the foreseeable future. It has
    been a great success so far, with everybody who attended really enjoying
    it (including the tutors). ISTR that the website for the course mentions
    2012, but I think that it just the projected course lifetime.

    I not involved with S283 myself, but from what I have heard it is a good
    course (it is the sister course of SXR208). I understand what you mean
    about biology (;-)) but I guess you've got to take the rough with the
    smooth! :-)

    All the best,
    PS The OU Open Day is this Saturday at the Milton Keynes campus if
    anyone is interested in coming along.

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    I can't believe they're closing this course down...There's only one (July 2011) course left

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    They are closing a lot of courses down now. I was originally going for a degree in molecular science but not sure i'll get it done in time now. Some degrees are closing in 2014.



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