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    I have just bought my first scope, Europa 250 F4.8, from Orion Optics (uk).
    With the scope I received two Plossl eyepiece (25 and 12.5mm).

    I would like to buy some additional eyepeice(s) / tools but after trawling
    around the web and newsgroups, confusion has set in.

    What should I invest in first? Eyepiece, Barlow, Collimator?
    What is a good buy and what would be a waste of money?

    I was looking at 4mm Plossl eyepiece (make ???), 2x Barlow and a Cheshire or
    Laser Collimator.
    (Is it cheaper to buy from the US, as the exchange rate it in our favour.)

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Scope Eyepiece

    Hi Howard,

    Since this is your first scope, it's hard to say what eyepiece to get.
    Eyepieces are a match not only with the scope, but with what you view and
    your own personal preferences. For example, if you wear glasses while
    observing, you need long eye relief.

    If eye relief is not an issue and you want to observe planets and the moon,
    then a short fl ortho might be your best bet.

    But what I'd really recommend is finding a club nearby. They have public
    nights, and you can take your scope and set up in the middle of those with
    lots of eyepieces. Then you can try different eyepieces in your scope, with
    your eyes, and on the types of objects you want to observe. By the end of
    the night, you'll know what you want next.

    Clear Skies

    Chuck Taylor
    Do you observe the moon?

    Are you interested in understanding optics?


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