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Thread: 15x70s sights

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    Darren Reynolds Guest

    Default 15x70s sights

    I'm new to astronomy and received my first pair of binoculars on
    Tuesday, the Celestron Skymaster 15x70s. It was full moon
    coincidentally, the skies cleared, and I got my first magnified view of
    it! I couldn't believe how bright and detailed it was. That view was
    worth the 80 quid itself.

    My question is (and I'm a newbie so you knew one was coming!) what
    should I look out for in the next few nights? I've got the Astronomy
    magazine with October's overview in, and books with charts, but I
    wondered if any of you could point me towards something at the mo,
    specifically seen through 15x70 binoculars, that would dazzle me as much
    as the moon did.

    Thanks in advance

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    Paul Neave Guest

    Default 15x70s sights

    My targets when I bought my pair of 15x70s were...

    Andromeda (M31)
    Jupiter (trying to spot the moons is great fun)
    Saturn (trying to see the elongatedness and Titan)
    Venus (just very bright!)

    and then I got stuck into hunting down all the Messier objects.
    Just make sure you find somewhere with dark and clear skies!

    All the best,

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    Default 15x70s sights

    Darren Reynolds wrote:

    Although not a Messier object, the Double Cluster in Perseus is good 15x70
    fodder, as is the entire space north of Perseus heading towards Casseopia.
    Shedloads of open clusters and rich star fields.

    Early evening, you can still do some sweeping in Lacerta and Cepheus.
    Indeed, the star fields in Lacerta are amongst the richest of the entire
    northern sky. The only problem is the very high altitude.


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    Default 15x70s sights

    On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 18:34:16 +0100, "Paul Neave" <>

    Some other simple objects would be:

    The double cluster in Perseus
    Uranus with the aid of some charts just to say you've seen it.
    M13 as a tiny fuzzball
    M15 in Pegasus
    M42 early in the morning (the Orion nebula)
    M32 and M110 which are the satellite galaxies close to M31 mentioned
    by Paul above.
    I think Vesta is up and a possible target (again just to say you've
    seen it and to use as hunting practice)
    Beta Cygni (Alberio) - a nicely coloured double star
    Mizar and Alcor in the handle of the Plough
    The double-double in Lyra

    If you need assistance in finding these objects do a search for them
    online to see if you can locate a chart. If you're really stuck, just
    ask here and someone will point you in the right direction.

    Pete Lawrence
    Most recent images <>

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    Stephen Tonkin Guest

    Default 15x70s sights

    Darren Reynolds <> wrote:

    See: and


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    Stephen Tonkin Guest

    Default 15x70s sights

    I wrote:

    Oops -- URL change:


    Remove footfrommouth to reply

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    Default 15x70s sights

    Stephen Tonkin wrote:

    This one gives 404 not found. Perhaps it's cloudy?


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    Default 15x70s sights

    Anyone remind you to use a tripod? This will increase substantially the
    number of objects that you find.

    The full Messier catalogues is accessible with 15x70s. Also look for the
    Astronomical League's binocular observing list


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    Darren Reynolds Guest

    Default 15x70s sights

    Thanks all! I've printed off the list of objects to watch out for. We
    had clear skies around here last night (and still this morning) but the
    moon proved too bright for anything but stars I think. So, it was a case
    of looking at the moon a bit more. I live at the edge of the Peak
    District and West Yorks moors so should be ok as regards dark skies.

    Yes, I have a tripod. I don't think I would have bought the 15x70s if I
    hadn't. They're a tad shaky!


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    Default 15x70s sights

    Darren Reynolds wrote

    Good timing ! My Strathspey 15x70's arrived today, VERY nice.

    I'll probably do a write up as soon as I get first light at night, but for daytime use, so far so

    Thanks to ST for recommendation and John for providing good friendly service and the best bag of
    bubble wrap I've ever seen (well packed sir !)




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