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    Default Observing (and stuff)

    It was a great night last night. An inquisitive aunt landed from Abroad
    yesterday morning and the observing session managed to keep her awake far
    later than she should have after flying half way around the world. We
    managed to see M3(way down) M13, M29, M31, M81, M82 and M51. I waited too
    long for her eyes to dark adapt and M57 (which I'd been saving for her)
    disappeared behind the roof. Bad, bad planning...

    She remains enthusiastic this morning with a hundred and one questions about
    the Universe. Great to have a GOTO scope to retain a visitors concentration
    span, great also to see the enthusiasm for the 'normally hidden world'; as
    she put it.

    After she called it a night I stayed on until 4am to view, and image Saturn.
    Seeing Saturn and Orion climbing out of the neighbours garden was like
    seeing old friends again.

    Just got to see Venus with the naked eye also while packing everything away.

    Also; just got leads which are long enough to control the scope, and image,
    from indoors which I tested last night on Saturn. Just in time for Autumn
    and Winter. My folks have also pre-ordered the new Meade deep-sky imager for
    me and I can't wait to test it from the comfort of the lounge :-) . They say
    the imager should be with me next month.

    With Saturn on the horizon, and nowhere wear its closest, the images were
    far from the quality obtained earlier in the year. Well worth doing though
    if only to keep up the interest and get everything set up properly for the
    coming weeks and months.


    Mr Sleepyhead

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    Default Observing (and stuff)

    Good stuff Chris - I'm very interested in the DSI, I'd love to hear your
    impressions when you get it. You posted some lovely LPI images earlier
    this year, can't wait to see what the DSI can do.

    I'm still getting used to my LX90 optically, and having far too much fun
    to get round to imaging yet, but long term that is a key interest for me
    - already have the spare laptop ready and I'm planning to put together a
    wireless hookup (wireless card + remote desktop software) , for that
    inside kind of feeling whilst imaging :-)



    Chris Taylor wrote:

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    Default Observing (and stuff)

    In news:R%U1d.59$,
    Chris Taylor <not.tellin@you.ha> typed:
    Let us know how it goes. As you may recall, I'm doing something similar
    myself. Only had chance to image the moon with my remote Toucam setup so
    far, though.

    Hope you will keep us all updated on the Meade imager.




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