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    Default Help: Slipping RA circle on EQ3-2

    Hi folks

    Wonder if anyone else has encountered this problem with an EQ3-2 mount.
    I've been trying for the first time to use the setting circles. The Dec's
    fine. But I find that when I move the scope in RA, the RA circle doesn't
    quite "keep pace" with the slewing of the scope - it slips/sticks, sometimes
    a little, sometimes quite a lot. Essentially, it's currently useless.

    One thing I have noticed is that the RA circle does appear to be very loose.
    I expected it to be a little stiffer to turn when calibrating so that it
    holds its position thereafter. I don't know anyone close who has this mount
    so I can't tell if this "looseness" is normal.

    Perhaps a little machine oil around the rim of the circle - where it enters
    the mount - would help? Think it would be okay to do this?


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    Default Slipping RA circle on EQ3-2

    >sentially, it's currently useless.

    I've had very simular problems with my EQ2 mount. I got so fed up with it I
    bought one of these instead. At £129 with free shipping for online orders
    you can't go wrong.

    The RA and DEC circles are so much better than the EQ2


    Damian Burrin
    UKRA 1159 Level 2 RSO
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    Default Help: Slipping RA circle on EQ3-2

    In message <chppec$pg2$>, Mark Robertson
    <mark*NOSPAM*> writes

    Mine does the same. Looking at it from a design point of view, I can't
    see a way that it would work as you might expect. Pretty useless, IMHO.

    It seems the majority of people don't use them anyway, citing a lack of
    accuracy. Better to learn to 'star-hop', with the aid of a good book.
    Alex Wilde
    Motor Sport Photography -

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    Default Help: Slipping RA circle on EQ3-2

    Good to know at least that I'm not the only one suffering from this.

    Yes, normally I do just star hop to find things. It would be good to have
    the option of using the setting circles. And what is more frustrating, the
    once or twice when they haven't slipped, they have actally been really
    accurated and put something pretty close to the centre of my lowest power

    Might try a little bit of light machine oil before tonight.


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    Default Slipping RA circle on EQ3-2

    That is a good deal! I'm tempted.


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    H! I have a similar problem with an EQ3-2, just accquired 2nd hand. Upon removing the polarscope housing (it unscrews) the RA circle just dropped out. It has a channel around the edge into which the "set screw" engages. However, there appeared to be no way for it to be fixed to the RA axis. Looking through the set screw hole, you can see 4 threaded holes in the axis as you rotated it through 360. I believe there should be grub screws in these which could be screwed out to engage the underside of the setting circle ring to achieve some friction. If this is correct (?) then I am not sure of the function of the set screw . I failed to find any definitive information on the web but this may lead someone with more experience of these mounts to find a solution.



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