Rather than stay at home and enjoy it on my own, I decided to set up at
work so any of my colleagues could drop by and see what the fuss was
about. (I'd booked leave anyway, so didn't feel the need to visit my

I set up a 4" Mak and a short tube 80 on an EQ-6, the Mak with a Nikon
4500 camera feeding my laptop and the ST80 with an 18mm ortho for visual
observations. Both scopes had Baader full aperture filters. I also took
in a couple of pairs of "eclipse" glasses.

Instead of the half dozen or so people I expected I think the entire
department must have seen at least part of the transit. The buzz was
wonderful, with several novices audibly expressing that "wow" moment.

This is the first time I've shared my recently acquired passion for
astronomy and I'm on a high. I just had to tell you all.
Jim Easterbrook <http://astro.jim-easterbrook.me.uk/>
N51.36 E0.25