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    Default Venus in Transit - Impressions [a thread to share feelings]

    Being new to astronomy I'm am so impressed. Just the ability to look at
    the sun (using baader film) has been amazing.

    Then actually catching first contact (06:38:15 by my watch) and
    following Venus through was an awe inspiring, astonishing experience.

    Black-drop effect was a bit of a letdown compared to the solid black
    disk of the transit in progress.

    Hope others have had as good weather and viewing as me. Hoping it stays
    clear for the rest of the transit.

    Viewing from STAMFORD, Lincolnshire.

    52 deg 37' 39" N
    0 deg 30' 29" W

    Neale Hind
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    Default Venus in Transit - Impressions [a thread to share feelings]

    A small black dot moving over a larger disc - doesn't sound too impressive

    I didn't catch the contacts myself, but I watched on a number of webcams
    from around the world. That in itself is pretty impressive - do you think
    the people who witnessed the last transit could have ever imagined the
    technology that existed next time it occured?

    Then a gap in the clouds, and a clear view of the sun. Nothing for a few
    seconds... then I saw it, and I'm sure my heart missed a beat (I really
    should go to the doctors about that).

    I'm sure to many people the view is not that impressive, but to me, and I'm
    sure a lot of the people here, it's special. It's something noone alive has
    seen, and people all around the world are coming together to witness it,
    sharing the experience as a whole.

    Sound too cheesy?


    "Neale D. Hind" <nospam@> wrote in message

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    Default Venus in Transit - Impressions [a thread to share feelings]

    "Neale D. Hind" <nospam@> wrote in

    I CAN'T BELIEVE THE WEATHER! Here in South Oxfordshire it's actually
    COMPETELY clear for once with totally blue skies. Some very light hazy
    cloud at around 6.00 this morning, not sufficient to hide any detail of the
    start of the transit.

    I'm just amazed to see anything. The weather gods must be on holiday. I
    seriously can't recall the last event of any significance that wasn't
    clouded out or rained off. Praise be.

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    Default Venus in Transit - Impressions [a thread to share feelings]

    * Neale D. Hind <nospam@>:

    All I've got to hand in terms of viewing tools are some eclipse glasses so I
    watched the start of events on TV; it's kind of odd but it is exciting in
    some unfathomable way. Once events were well under way I ventured out with
    the glasses and found Venus without any problems.

    While getting ready for work (thankfully I work from home so there's no rush
    <g>) I swapped between glasses and the TV; I take it I won't be alone in
    being pretty annoyed but not in the least bit surprised by the reactions of
    the presenters on BBC breakfast (it seemed to consist of the usual knowing
    smirk that says something along the lines of "people *really* find this
    interesting?"). At least the multi-screen facility on BBC News Digital has
    an unadulterated view of things (as did Sky News too).

    .. o O ( Why the hell are BBC Three and BBC Four sat idle this morning when )
    ( they could be broadcasting something? )

    Being just North of Bourne I'm enjoying the same clear skies as you. Here's
    hoping it does stay clear until the end...

    Dave Pearson

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    Default Venus in Transit - Impressions [a thread to share feelings]

    "Chris Warwick" wrote:

    I know exactly where they are on vacation - here in the north of Scotland.
    They brought all the cloud here with them too, the weather's awful.

    I did manage to see something between the clouds but now the wind is a big
    problem :-(

    Posted with Amiga NewsRog

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    Default Venus in Transit - Impressions [a thread to share feelings]

    Neale D. Hind wrote:

    Yes, in between fiddling with the webcam I've been surprised at just how
    much detail I can see on the Sun's disk. Not just the sunspots (four of
    'em by my count but also a largish patch that's slightly brighter
    than the rest of the Sun, with some structure to the patch.

    I'm surprised just how big the disc of Venus is as well, I expected it
    to be smaller.

    During these events I always have a strong sense of awe: there are these
    huge chunks of rock and fire and stuff, and they fly around up there
    according to some mathematical laws; and we understand (largely these
    laws and can predict events like these hundreds of years in advance.
    That's pretty amazing, not only the reality of this stuff but also the
    human acheivements involved in understanding it.

    But today I've got another sense of awe: those images you see through a
    scope - aren't they incredible? Really other-worldly, like someone's
    slapped an Acme Portable Hole on the face of the Sun. The geometric
    precision of it makes it very alien - it's awesome that this is a work
    of nature.


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    Default Venus in Transit - Impressions [a thread to share feelings]

    "Dave Pearson" <> wrote in message .
    when )

    They aren't actually idle! They are a couple of labels out of four that
    two actual channels use. The other two are CBBC and CBeebies.

    So while it's daytime, the kids are using those two channels on LCN
    (logical channel number) 30 and 31 but come 7pm, the grown-ups
    get their programs on BBC3 and BBC4 on LCN 7 and 10.

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