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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    Was thinking of buying one of these as I'm a bit of a novice. Is this a good
    scope to start off with?



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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    On Sat, 15 May 2004 19:09:39 +0100, "Redman"
    <> wrote:

    I've got one of these and I'm very happy with it. It's portable and
    quick to set up. Quality seems to be a bit variable. The first two I
    bought didn't *go to* very well at all. The third one is absolutely
    fine. Some of the tripod materials are a bit flimsy but at the price
    you can't complain. For more info have a look at

    How much are you looking at paying for one? They have been pretty
    heavily discounted in recent weeks.

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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    I've had one of these for about 4 Years and am still quite happy with it for
    casual observing.
    It does have a few nuances, ie when setting up up in the Southern Hemisphere
    for Cape Town it attempts to look for Polaris as a guide star and appears to
    set itself up for the the Northern Hemisphere. Methinks some programmer
    needs a geography lesson.
    Where Meade will assume you're in the same location for each use, Celestron
    forgets the previous location and forces you through a few additional menu
    options and entries with each use.
    Its easy to insert the tube assembly into the mounting the wrong way around,
    make sure that the writing on the tube and the small logo on the mount run
    in the same direction and you'll be OK.
    It will also readily slew to objects that are below the horizon and lose
    alignment when the Tube collides with the mounting as a result.
    The scope had a few connector issues last year, I opened it up and
    hard-wired the connectors and its working fine again.
    The red dot finderscope is great to use but is easily left switched on and
    leaves you with a flat lithium battery.

    Ditch the AA battery supply unit, you'll be keeping Duracell in business if
    you continue to use it. Be carefull to ensure that the replacement battery
    and connector are the correct polarity before using an alternative source
    through. I use a 12V 1.2Ah lead acid battery and can use for several
    evenings before the need to recharge.

    The cost of the additional bells and whistles on the nexstar could have
    afforded larger aperture but I was pleased to trade the aperture for
    convenience in this instance.

    In all its a great little scope, very portable and easy to use.

    Good luck with your choice.


    "Redman" <> wrote in message

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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    In message <>, Redman
    <> writes

    I've been quite fascinated to see several of these on (UK) ebay starting
    of at 0.01p. Can these be genuine or are they likely to be counterfeit?
    Neale Hind
    Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children

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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    "Neale D. Hind" <nospam@> wrote in message

    Often just a stating price. Check the sellers history before buying
    something off Ebay. personally, I've bought loads of stuff and never had my
    fingers burnt. In fact the standard of service is usually very very good
    from folks. But check first. Some stuff that looks cheap is often shown VAT
    free (and if sent from overseas will often attract import duty)


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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    "Martin" <> wrote in message
    Do you know how much that can be? I was looking at ordering a scope from the



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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    Dre <> wrote:

    See section E 10 of the FAQ:


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