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Thread: What 35mm film?

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    Default What 35mm film?

    OK, I know the current trend is toward ccd/webcam imaging, but as yet the
    budget won't allow... I'm wondering what film I should use with my 35mm
    camera? I'm initially going to try wide field piggyback shots and prime
    focus images of the moon and other prominent stuff- i'm not sufficiently
    skilled with my scope to try deep sky yet.
    I know slide is supposed to be more favoured and a lot of films don't
    respond to red very well? (or so I read somewhere...) so any
    reccommendations of either slide or print film appreciated.

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    Default What 35mm film?

    Film (if you take f5.6 as best lens performance) has a resolution of
    about 12 mega pixels.
    Generally you have to process the film yourself to make it more sensitive
    Lots of fiddling around with chemicals in the dark. fun for an old git
    like me though....

    On Mon, 05 Jan 2004 20:56:41 +0000, James wrote:

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    Default What 35mm film?

    Well Kodak respondes to red and the new Kodak Hi Res stuff is excellent.

    BUT, I'd always use Fuji because it's the dogs AFAIAC.

    Try a roll of 100, 200 ISA Fuji sensia and see what you get.

    People seem to stack images as well...there's software out there but
    probably you could use Photoshop.

    Look at for advice too.


    "James" <> wrote in message

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    Default What 35mm film?

    Hi there James,

    to add to Robin's suggestion, try Fuji Sensia 400. I've had some good
    with FS 400 using eyepiece projection and wide angle shots from a fixed

    Fuji do seem to know how to process it as well (which is always a


    "James" <> wrote in message

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    Default What 35mm film?

    Hi James,

    I use Fuji 400ASA negative film and have OK results. These I scan in to the
    PC to touch up. I have tried the slide film way but had difficulty
    transferring to digital. and since I don't have a projector I am left with
    a bunch of slided no one can see.

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    Default What 35mm film?

    "Steve Smethurst" <> wrote in message

    Thanks for all the responses- I've used fuji superia films for a while now
    for "normal" photos, and found them to always give good (to me!) results, so
    I guess I'll see how I get on using the same for now.

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    Default What 35mm film?

    If you have a good slide scanner I would suggest Kodak Elite 200 picks out
    the red very well.

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    Default What 35mm film?

    "bill" <> wrote in message
    I don't, however my dad does have a projector so I might try one to see how
    they come out first!



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