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    Mark Parrish Guest

    Default mirror sets and focusers

    This is not another "what scope should I buy?" question, you may will
    be pleased to hear!
    I have visited Stephen Tonkins excellent site and would need to look
    no further in that respect.

    I realise that being new to this newsgroup it's a bit early to ask for
    favours, but here goes...

    I would like to know if any of you are ATMs and have recent good
    experience with
    "off the shelf" mirror sets in the 6"- 8" primary range?
    If so, what focal length did you choose/why?
    Which manufacturer do you recommend/how much did you pay etc.
    Even if you don't build scopes - what would be your "dream
    combination" in that aperture?

    Similarly can you recommend a 1.25" focuser - crayford or rack and
    pinion etc?

    I ask because I plan to build a second scope (perhaps a pair).
    With my first attempt - a 222mm F7.2 truss, the decision was made for
    - the mirrors were going cheap, second hand!

    I am very pleased with the results but hindsight has illuminated
    several areas
    where I could have got it better. This time round I want to be more
    The new design will probably be another truss - dismountable for easy
    and will need good quality optics and chunky focuser that will enable
    a beginner
    to carry out astrophotography and upgrade as their needs evolve.

    Thanks for any advice in advance, Mark

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    Pete Lawrence Guest

    Default mirror sets and focusers

    On Sun, 07 Dec 2003 22:58:07 +0000, Mark Parrish
    <> wrote:

    Surely someone must know a good supplier of small/medium sized mirror
    sets? Are there no ATMers out there that have experience of
    purchasing mirror sets?

    Pete Lawrence
    Lunar Parallax Demonstration Project - Release date 08/12/2003

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    Mike Harrison Guest

    Default mirror sets and focusers

    I'd go to Beacon Hill for optics and worms.
    I've no assocation and not purchased from them before but their kit
    looks fine with no bad reports from anyone I've ever seen.

    On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 11:33:34 +0000, Pete Lawrence
    <> wrote:

    * Hardware, device drivers, software
    * See the sights at

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    Stephen Tonkin Guest

    Default mirror sets and focusers

    Pete Lawrence <> wrote:

    I've always made my own mirrors, but I do know that you can get them
    from Image Optics.


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    Chris.B Guest

    Default mirror sets and focusers

    Pete Lawrence <> wrote in message news:<>. ..

    No direct experience. Don't ATMs roll their own? ;-)

    Orion Optics(UK) and Oldham Optical both have a decent reputation.
    Both offer increased quality (over standard quality) at increased
    prices. Both have websites. Oldham offers slightly more technical
    information online compared with Orion. The latter is more of a claim
    as to their abilities in testing and production. Though this may
    change with improvements to their website which seemed to be underway
    on my last online visit. Orion has its own active (moderated) Yahoo
    group should one want to go straight to the horses mouth for specific
    advice. Do not confuse Orion Optics(UK) with Orion an american dealer
    of similar name. Beacon Hill has mirror sets but I haven't heard
    anything about them.
    All of which adds up to hearsay rather than anything substantial.


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    Neil Booker Guest

    Default mirror sets and focusers


    Not for my first attempt which was so long a go that I can't remember where
    I brought it from. I was 8inch f6 (because that's what the book I got from
    the library recommended) and cost £135. It had a small mark on it, ether
    caused by the suppliers or in transit, which I tried to wipe off. That's
    when I learned about first surface mirrors :-(

    P.S. Please remove .nospam from the address to reply

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    Pete Lawrence Guest

    Default mirror sets and focusers

    On Sun, 14 Dec 2003 14:55:22 -0000, "Neil Booker"
    <> wrote:

    My first attempt to grind an eight and three-quarter inch mirror at
    the tender age of 14 resulted in a mirror with a 24" focal length. I
    couldn't wait for the book from the library. When I realised what I
    had done I decided to lengthen the focal length.

    It took me a little while to complete this manouver ;-)

    There was a bubble quite close to the surface of the mirror that kept
    threatening to come through. Fortunately it never did. That mirror
    eventually gave me years of enjoyment.
    Pete Lawrence
    Come and visit the "Lunar Parallax Demonstration Project"

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    Mark Parrish Guest

    Default mirror sets and focusers

    On Sun, 14 Dec 2003 18:00:00 +0000, Pete Lawrence
    <> wrote:

    Thanks for the response so far chaps. I have a few starting points for
    some research.

    I found out a bit about mirror surfaces when I tried to clean mine the
    other day. I gently blew the dust off but replaced it with a blob of
    spittle, tried to gently wipe it, smeared it, tried acetone with a
    soft cotton bud, removed it but left a tide mark of
    disolved/evapourated grime..... decided to leave it alone - it still




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