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    Default Taurid meteor shower

    I have a note in my calendar that the Taurid meteor shower peaks at 10pm on
    Monday 3rd Nov. Can anyone advise on a) whether that date and time is
    correct, b) what I should expect to see, and c) where to look!

    Its also my wedding anniversary on 3rd Nov so I need either a good reason to
    be outside staring skywards or a good lawyer.


    Gordon Dooley

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    Default Taurid meteor shower

    "Gordon Dooley" <> wrote in message

    Whats more romantic than standing barefoot on a dark beach while the
    Universe puts on a fireworks display for you....?

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    Default Taurid meteor shower

    In article <pfuob.34$>, Gordon Dooley
    <> writes

    Hi Gordon,

    The Northern Taurids are and old shower with activity spread over many
    weeks, from mid-October through to mid-November. Activity is predicted
    to be moderate with a maximum rate of about 7 per hour between the 4th
    and 7th November - it could well be a little earlier.

    Taurids are generally described as slow moving. The predicted maximum
    rate isn't tremendous, but the shower does occasionally produce some
    spectacular fireballs. Even if the Taurids aren't numerous, non-shower
    sporadic meteor rates should be relatively high at this time of year and
    there are sure to be few fireworks thrown in. Unfortunately, the Moon is
    going to be quite prominent - quite full, not that far from the radiant
    and not setting for another four hours.

    With respect to where to look, it's probably best to find a comfy spot
    shaded from the Moon (and sheltered from the wind), where you can look
    up from the radiant towards the north east and the zenith.

    For further information have a look at Gary Kronk's excellent site:

    The radiant is only just rising in the early evening, so you could take
    her out for a meal first and then spend the evening together - holding
    hands and gazing skywards...

    Good luck.
    David Entwistle

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    Default Taurid meteor shower

    Hi there Gordon,

    consulting a suitable reference book, gives the following:
    Taurids - active from 20th October to 30th November with peak on 3rd
    Typically 10 per hour with the radiant at RA 03hr 44m Dec 07 degrees.

    They are described as 'slow'.

    I've seen quite a few of these over the years and they are usually very
    bright (magnitude 0 and brighter)
    and I once saw a mag -8 Taurid from Sinai in 1999 (just before the 'big'
    Leonid maximum of that year).

    So I can certainly say that when you've seen a Taurid you'll know about it.
    The -8 event created a glowing tube of fluorescent light in the sky which
    lasted for 10 minutes before dispersing.

    Look for them in the East as Taurus rises but they are best after 10 pm when
    the radiant is well above
    the horizon.



    "Gordon Dooley" <> wrote in message



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