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Thread: Domes

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    Martin Taylor Guest

    Default Domes

    I'm at the stage of plotting exactly which dome I want to buy. Does anyone
    have any feedback that you can give me different domes? Either good or bad
    will do, or any other pointers. This way slowly and surely I can draw my

    Moreover, how long does it take for domes to cool on average?


    Martin Taylor

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    Martin Guest

    Default Domes

    "Martin Taylor" <> wrote in message

    Tony Blair has a really large one (hardly used) for sale, not that far from
    Greenwich either!

    (Sorry I couldn't resist!)


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    Steve Taylor Guest

    Default Domes

    Martin Taylor wrote:
    What diameter ?


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    Martin Frey Guest

    Default Domes

    "Martin" <> wrote:

    But that dome never was, and never will be, cool - at least not before
    hell freezes



    Martin Frey
    N 51 02 E 0 47

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    Simon Pooley Guest

    Default Domes

    Martin Frey <> wrote in article

    At first I thought – “Tone’s not bald”

    Then I thought – “He’s still not bald, but yes, he’ll never be cool”

    Finally I thought – “Simon, you plonker!” and everything clicked. So
    back to the subject in hand…
    That dome has a ready made hole in the roof (that’s what it looks like
    in all the pictures), so all that need be done is disconnect the roof
    and put on runners then install some F-off big scopes, a mount that
    makes the paramount in this months AN look like pocket money, a few
    computers, some web cams (want to keep the price down, we are talking
    amateur :-).
    To fund it we could apply to the lottery, explaining it’s going to have
    very little wide appeal, will be laughed at by the rest of the world and
    isn’t likely to be open more than a year. We could also add that we’ll
    use the money too quickly and will be back to get more, this should make
    up the minds of the lottery people that decide which “charity” the money
    should go to…

    Anyway, back to Martin (Taylor’s) – still too many of them, I thought
    there was a culling programme being planned ;-) – original question:
    I noticed in PA this morning that Pulsar optical are advertising them,
    give Gary a call he may be able to give some advice. Also, Pulsar gives
    discounts to SPA members – you are a member aren’t you? If not why not?

    Also might be of interest – an article written by the secretary of
    Maidenhead AS:

    As for cooling – it shouldn’t make a lot of difference, AIUI, as a
    general rule, domes shouldn’t be heated – the hot air escapes from where
    it can i.e. the slot the telescope it pointed through.

    Hope at least some of this helps.
    51:31N 0:38W

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    Maurice Gavin Guest

    Default Domes

    On Wed, 15 Oct 2003 22:54:52 +0100, "Martin Taylor"
    <> wrote:

    DIY details via

    Depends on the material used and its mass.

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    Kevin Smith's Avatar
    Kevin Smith Guest

    Default Domes

    > Moreover, how long does it take for domes to cool on average?

    Mine takes very little time to cool, as it has a built in ventilation
    system. It seems to allow for a well balanced dome temperature most

    If you want to pop down and see it in action - feel free.

    Cheers for now


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    Robert Williams Guest

    Default Domes

    Hi there Martin,

    have you considered using a (second hand) lid
    from a (suitably sized) agricultural silo.

    I know they come in 4m diameters, but there should be
    something smaller.

    Better still, contact Scarborough Astronomical Society as they built
    theirs (approx. 2m diameter) from scratch.


    "Martin Taylor" <> wrote in message

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    Martin Taylor Guest

    Default Domes

    Thanks for the pointers. I need a good quality dome for a C14, so I am not
    sure if a 7 foot diameter is enough. I know the Sirius dome is of high
    quality (but expensive). I've been trying to see if there is a UK based
    solution that is cheaper, but still of good quality.

    I've been told that the 8 foot dome supplier is not going to be producing
    them for a while.

    I mailed BC&F, but they have not, as yet replied to suggest anything.


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    gp.skinner Guest

    Default Domes

    > Thanks for the pointers. I need a good quality dome for a C14, so I am

    If you have room a slide off roof building is something you may be able to
    build yourself, at a fraction of the cost of the pre-fab domes.



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