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    Default From Zeiss to Swarovski EL 8.5


    my next binocular on trial - Swarovski 8.5 x 42mm EL. Not bad at all - I
    tried 6 or 7 pairs in the shop, including Leica, Zeiss and Canon IS (which I
    dodn't like, because when it compensates for my shakes the image goes a tiny
    bit fuzzy.. ). By the way, all these binos had green / purple fringing...
    about a quarter to a sixth of the amount I experienced in the original
    mis-collimated Victories. So I guess all good binos have fringing,
    (admittedly only off axis).

    I tried 10x50 Swarovskis, about the same price as the 8.5 ELs. They were
    much heavier and not as comfortable. The ELs are super for ease of use,
    comfort, balance, lighter weight - daylight views were crisp. Field of view
    is excellent / magnification is absolutely right, nicely in between x7 and
    x10. Strangely Stars are still not right....

    The guy in the shop did knock them on the bench, which is one of the
    reasons I'm going to try another pair :- same model. I specified I wanted a
    full refund if they failed my point source tests. Infact, stars are average
    to good for a pair of binos. Certainly I would like perfection.... However,
    bright stars have coma and spikes and are certainly not pinpoint... stars
    are poor towards the edge, but then they're not right to start with.
    Collimation, I guess is acceptable, BUT could be a whole lot better. I was a
    bit worried at coming down from 10x50 to 8.5x42 - but I need not have been -
    The views are great with these binos... even if Stars are not perfect. I do
    rate the optics highly... almost as good as the Zeiss Victories, also the
    ELs are much lighter and manageable in weight.

    I am a little worried that 2 top binos are so poor at showing stars.
    Maybe it's me ? I'm a fuss pot ? maybe... though all the time I am comparing
    them to my collection of Pentax / Opticron etc. I also try objective test
    such as splitting Albireo and so on. I am starting to think I'll never see
    pinpoint stars in binos ! The best pinpoint stars are seen in my £150 Helios
    Stellar !! If I don't succeed tomorrow, I am ordering the Miyauchis and
    putting up with whatever I get.... as they are Astronomy binos I expect
    stars will be more pinpoint than "general use" binos.

    Well- when I find a pair of binos that work well, I'll let everyone know.

    Roland H

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    Default From Zeiss to Swarovski EL 8.5

    On Thu, 25 Sep 2003 00:43:18 +0100, "Roland Herrera"
    <> wrote:

    A couple of points:
    The 'seeing' also affects the view through binos - not as much as
    through a telescope perhaps but bad seeing will prevent the pin-point
    star appearance you're looking for.

    As pointed out earlier, not all the extra cost of these expensive
    models is going into making better optics. It sounds like you are
    quite critical of the optical performance (as I am) but feel you will
    be disappointed if perfection is your aim! Even the Miyauchis have
    faults - slightly soft around the edges, and a requirement to look
    through them very close to on-axis to avoid colour fringing on bright
    objects. On the bright limb of the moon, if you move your head a
    little off-axis you see a lime-green fringe - a result of the ED glass
    in the objectives. The 100mm fluorite models are probably better in
    that respect.

    Binoculars are simply two short f-ratio telescopes, the vast bulk of
    them are achromats (resulting in unavoidable colour fringing) whilst
    more expensive models use ED glasses (reducing but not eliminating
    chromatism). Specialised models may use fluorite and are therefore
    well corrected - but the Miyauchi fluorites cost £3000! To get a
    wide-angle, flat-field with stars pin-point out to the edge is
    possible - but not the sensible side of many thousands of pounds. A
    pair of televue 76s strapped together will give you what you want -
    but remember eyepieces are extra :-)


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    Default From Zeiss to Swarovski EL 8.5

    > I tried Leica 10 + 15, 50s and 8+12 42s - great during daylight - but

    Although those are out of my price range, I'm glad I'm not the only one
    that's so fussy. When paying a lot of money for something, it's nice to get
    it right the first time!




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