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    Default Milky Way

    "Steve Warren @ The UK Speedtrap Guide" <> wrote
    in message news:bkrlk2$k2p$

    Hi Steve,

    Have a look here

    and head for at least the yellow bits and preferably the green bits, but
    hurry, they are going fast :-(

    Robin Leadbeater
    N54.75 W3.24

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    Default Milky Way

    "Robin Leadbeater" <> wrote in message
    I can vouch for that!

    When I moved to this little village near Welshpool three years ago the night
    sky was like diamond studded black velvet. Now we have some fifteen high
    pressure sodium lamps nearby, the closest one being a few feet from our
    garden. Apart from buying all new curtains for the house so we could get
    some sleep, the seeing from the garden is mediocre. I can get away from it
    all with a five minute drive but loading the scope into the car etc. makes
    it into a big deal :-(


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    Default Milky Way

    For UK light pollution maps also look at the recent Campaign for the
    Protection of the Rural Environment report for the UK. It is online
    and has a lot of info about reduction of light pollution along with
    the maps too.

    Spread the word and hopefully the situation will be better in the next
    10years.... we can always hope


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    Default Milky Way

    "Robin Leadbeater" <> schreef in bericht

    I live in Holland and followed the links to the map of Europe. Took out the
    I live in the red blob in the west.
    No green to be found in the whole of Holland. This really sucks!




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