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    Roland Herrera Guest

    Default Zeiss Victory binoculars experience


    Just wanted to share some frustration in buying equipment. Here's my
    one-day affair with Zeiss. Looked at 10x56s at the London Camera Exchange,
    here in Bristol - got to be fair ; the sales person was not pushy, and let
    me look through half a dozen pairs (including Leica and Canon). Good news
    they were discounted at £789 bad news - they were the last pair so I went
    along and got the ones off the shelf.... they seemed o.k. just a bit

    No Objective covers come with these. Special £60 tripod adapter needed
    too. Now I paid for them & got them home.. zapped them out the bag to look
    across the garden and horror... purple and green finging where the
    neighbour's roof meet the sky - I've never seen such bad fringing.... though
    everything else was crisp, wide and clear... anyway wait until nighfall...
    yes ; clear sky for once.... now here comes a bright star ... huge coma..
    won't go away star test oval one side opposite oval the other side of
    focus... damn... that's it then... lloks like the fringing was a sign of bad
    collimation... but this was way too unacceptable -

    How had I missed all these problems in the shop - easy... not by looking
    at contrasty roof tops... I was concentrating on reading labels of
    merchandise in the shady corners of the shop.... well, the binoculars are
    going back tomorrow morning, with a request for a full refund... (unless I
    get the Etx105 which is starting to appeal less the more I research it )
    ...and .... how on Earth am I going to chose alternatives.. I mean I tested
    these myself and they were out of alignment.. just imagine what could come
    through the post if I sent off for anything on the net... worrying...

    All 3 other pairs of binoculars were cheap and perform fine for what I
    paid.... in fact I am pleased with all 3... but Zeiss? honestly, I expected

    Roland Herrera

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    Michael A. Covington Guest

    Default Zeiss Victory binoculars experience

    I assume you've taken them back, but it would be very interesting to try to
    find the cause of the problem! Offhand I can't think what kind of damage
    would produce it without leaving you unable to focus or leaving other more
    obvious signs of damage.

    I recently shopped for 8x42 binoculars. Fortunately the local dealer has a
    very large showroom full of hunting and fishing equipment, and I was able to
    look at the fine print on small boxes 50 feet away.

    I started with the Zeiss 8x42B (I think it is), which was, indeed, good (at

    But the Pentax 8x42, at $300, was better! The image was brighter and
    sharper and there was less distortion.

    See to see the one I bought,
    though I got it locally. Pentax has recently enlarged it to 8x43 and
    doubled the price.

    Admittedly the Pentax is not as heavily armoured, but it's as sturdy as
    astronomical binoculars need to be. (My daughter was making jokes about
    armoured German binoculars that wear helmets with spikes, and make holes in
    the floor if you drop them...)

    So... Zeiss is good, but Zeiss is not the only maker of good optics. The
    reason Zeiss is so respected, I think, is that *all* their optics are good.
    With other manufacturers, there are some gems and some inferior products.


    Michael A. Covington - Associate Director
    Artificial Intelligence Center, The University of Georgia

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    Stephen Tonkin Guest

    Default Zeiss Victory binoculars experience

    ChrisH <> wrote:

    I have looked through both of these (Miyauchi 20x77, Fujinon 16x70) and
    concur that they are optically excellent for astronomy. The only Zeiss I
    have used for astronomy were my Dad's 10x50 which were excellent (but
    were stolen over 20 years ago) and, more recently, my sister's 8x30,
    which she uses for birding. The 8x30 (old East German ones) are superb.

    This leads me to believe that you have most likely got a damaged
    binocular. However, even if they are in pristine condition (and I
    understand that Zeiss have gone slightly downhill optically since the
    old "Jena DDR" days), they are obviously unsuitable for the purpose for
    which you obtained them, thus the Sale of Goods Act is firmly on your
    side, should the shop be even slightly reluctant to give you a refund.


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    Roland Herrera Guest

    Default Zeiss Victory binoculars experience

    There are no signs of damage - I'm on my way to take them back though. I
    read that larger (56mm ) objectives give more fringing... but it was the
    lack of a pinpoint star image that really was unacceptable - you see cheap
    binos (£100-150) have never disappointed me - it's just that I expected so
    much more for my money, this time!

    Thanks for comments,
    Roland Herrera

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    Stephen Tonkin Guest

    Default Zeiss Victory binoculars experience

    "Roland Herrera" <>

    Yes -- just enough so that positioning the eye is a tad easier than
    with large exit pupils. :-)

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    Chris Fox Guest

    Default Zeiss Victory binoculars experience

    Have you taken a look at Bauch&Lomb 8x42 Elites? After much searching,
    reading reviews and testing I decided upon these a couple of years ago.
    They are the best I have ever used, and even for astronomical use stars
    are points of light in both eyepieces. And there is only a hint of
    chromatic aberration. A bit heavy, but I wouldn't be without them.

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    mike ring Guest

    Default Zeiss Victory binoculars experience

    Chris Fox <> wrote in news:CyizAOA2IGc$EwG7

    I,ve just got some Swarovski 8 and a half by 42s and am pretty gobsmacked.

    My eyes are getting on specially the left, so I know I'm not as cruitcal as
    some, and the will focus down to butterfly distance, but they could be
    worth a look.

    Obective covers that stay on the lens, a rainguard that adjusts to i/p
    distance...., a lot of moolah, but a lot of quality

    mike r

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    Roland Herrera's Avatar
    Roland Herrera Guest

    Default Zeiss Victory binoculars experience

    Thanks group,

    for the suggestions... now all the 42mm objectives I simply ignored.. and
    I'm not sure why - I'll look into alternatives (such as the Bauch&Lomb and
    the Swarowski).. I gather there's a shop in Bath, Ace Cameras that have a
    fair selection of binos. They've got far lower prices than most... Canon IS
    for example.

    Chris, when you say Bauch&Lomb show pinpoint stars I believe you, and it's
    this quality which I am looking for in binos. And, if I don't find a pair I
    like then I'm ordering the Miyauchi 20x77s. But I still like the sound of
    top quality everyday binos for multi purpose use..

    Hey, any sites about binocular design, jargon busters and such articles on
    the web ? All I can find is advertising....

    Cheers folks,
    ROland Herrera

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    Roland Herrera Guest

    Default Zeiss Victory binoculars experience


    which is exactly what I'm after. But I keep thinking ... what is the best
    for deep-sky views ? Simply the higher you go the better ... as in 25x150s ?
    I mean what size binoculars would reveal deep sky objects to the same degree
    as a 4/5 inch matsukov like the Etx105/125 ? Do most giant binos out-perform
    small telescopes in the deep sky category ? Am I getting just as satisfying
    a "binocular" view by using 10x instead of 20x power ? After all, Miyauchis
    can only be used for Astronomy (?) , so I might opt for generic (7-10x) use

    One guy mentions that Canon IS 15 (or18) x 50 s should be mounted on
    tripod for best results.... so what's the point of IS ? And isn't 50 mm too
    small ? Leica make a 10/15 x 50s... will these be poorer optics than fixed
    binos ?

    O.K. sorry to bombard the group with questions... but binocular Astronomy
    seems unjustly obscure and hard to find guidance on equipment...

    Chheers again,
    Roland Herrera

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    Martin Frey Guest

    Default Zeiss Victory binoculars experience

    mike ring <> wrote:

    I got 7x42 from the same company over 30 years ago - and am still
    gobsmacked. I also have 15x70s but, even with a tripod still use the
    7x42s more - the optics are so much better. Mind you Swarovski were a
    bit more affordable then.



    Martin Frey
    N 51 02 E 0 47


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