The Aberdeen and District Astronomical Society (ADAS) have 'acquired'
a substantial Edwards Vacuum Coating Unit, suitable for significant
scientific application including coating of telescope mirrors. This is
beyond the means of our small society to make effective use of, so we
have decided to sell it to raise funds for the Society.

The plant is an E19A3 coating unit by Edwards High Vacuum (Plant) Ltd,
one of the world's leading manufacturers, now BOC Edwards. The
interior vacuum chamber has a diameter of 19 inches (483 mm). The
device is about 30 years old but was taken out of service in the late
1980s and not used since. It is believed complete will all pumps,
vacuum gauges, controller, film thickness monitor, HV power supply
etc., with manuals, but no warrantee is given. The plant runs off 415
V, 3-phase, 50 Hz AC with a maximum power consumption of the base unit
of 7kW. It needs water cooling and compressed air (to activate the
built-in chamber hoist). The rotary pump exhaust should be taken to an
exterior venting line. The three separate units are on wheels.

Picture of equipment at:

Please contact me if you have an interest in this substantial piece of
equipment. If you have any advice for where to advertise or how to
sell such an item, we would also appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.

Phil Hart
(+44) 01224 323 099