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Thread: Atlas noises

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    Question Atlas noises

    Hi folks,

    I recently bought a new Orion Atlas EQ-G, upgrading from a CG5. I'm very excited about starting to use it to continue my imaging journey. The CG5 served me quite well, but it's time for me to move on.

    However, I'm a little worried about the noises that this Atlas makes, especially in contrast with what I'm used to with the CG5.

    When I turn the Atlas on, and tracking is off, there is a constant loud high pitched whine. When tracking is on, the whine starts undulating.

    In contrast, my CG5 was completely silent after turning it on and when not tracking. When tracking, I'd have to get my ear up against the housing to hear the motors. When the CG5 slewed, it was characteristically raucous.

    When the Atlas is on, either tracking or not tracking, I can hear it from across the room. Is this normal? Perhaps the sound is abnormally amplified being indoors and it's bouncing off the walls and hard wood floor.

    From digging around the web, and prior knowledge, the whining noise from the Atlas when slewing and tracking is generally expected (and accepted) due to the stepper motors. What I was not expecting was for the whine to persist when the mount is idle/not tracking, and for it to be so loud.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? The mount is all of two days old. I'm trying to figure out whether I need to pursue a return or not.

    Thanks for any advice or experience anyone can offer!

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    Default Re: Atlas noises

    Mine does the same thing and I have never had a problem with it
    James Schrader
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