Is anyone else as excited and anticipatory as I am for the James Webb telescope to be launched and to go live?

I was disappointed that they moved the launch date back a few more months. I wish it was up there now!
It is good that they are over testing it. They don't want it to be delayed and out of focus like when Hubble went live.
I wish we could get it up there now though.

I am most looking forward to the discoveries we don't anticipate. We learned so much from Hubble that we didn't even anticipate.
I would like to see funding right now for a solar shade for it so we can pier into the atmospheres of earth like planet candidates to see if there is O2, CO2, methane, water vapor etc in the atmosphere.

I wish there was more news coverage and documentaries about JWST. I saw a show last year called "Telescope" on the Science Channel I think. That was great. I haven't seen anything else since though about it on TV.

What are you guys most looking forward from the James Webb Space Telescope?