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    Default Is this telescope any good? ITS HUGE!?

    My neighbors said they will pay me 500 dollars for this! This is a HUGE telescope that was my brother-in-laws before he passed away. Im guessing it's worth a few hundred dollers since he was a wealthy man. I have no idea on earth what telescope prices are. I even thought 500 dollars was too much please help. here are some of the specs i read from the manuel.
    It is a Houghton-Cassegrain flat-field design with a f10, 15-inch clear aperture. The focal length is 150-inches. The total field of view is 2 degrees wide. The maximum image diameter at the focus point is 4.5 inches.
    The rear camera attachment tube is 3.75 inches in diameter, extends 0.75 inch, with a 32-thread-per-inch outer surface.
    The overall length, including 10-inch dew cap and 6.5-inch extension tube is 61.5 inches. The height including base plate is 20.5 inches. The width is 19 inches. The total weight of the lens and adapters is 347 pounds.

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    Do not sell this scope to the neighbors for $500. They would get the deal of the century. Your brother-in-law probably paid thousands for it.
    If there is an astronomy club in your area, have someone come look at it. Pay someone to come look at it and give you a good assessment.
    I have no idea what condition it's in, but if it was kept well, it's worth a whole hell of a lot more than $500.



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