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    Default help with telescope collimation?

    can anyone help please, ive recently bought an 11" dobo second hand and the images were very dissapointing, a colleague at work has lent me a laser collimating tool to collimate the mirrors, when first using the laser i found that the beam was totaly missing the secondary mirror, i have managed to get the beam going back up the laser tube by adjusting the primary mirror but the laser is not striking the center of the primary,{ it wasnt before i adjusted it either}. now looking down the focusing tube the reflection of the secondary mirror looks like i can see the part of the secondary mirror cell. help please !

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    Lol, I gave up a 16" dob decades ago for the same reason. I think your answer lies with your starting points. I've never used a laser collimator but you said the beam wasn't centered in the first place.Try re-centering the beam and start over.Or have gone to say There's so many links there you should find something technical that will help. Happy viewing!!!



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