Hello, this is a question I've been meaning to post here for a while and finally remembered to post!

My original ETX came with Meade Super Plossls DS series that I understand to be equivalent to the present 4000 series of Super Plossls. Both had metal barrels.

My replacement ETX came from Meade with Plossls that are marked as Super Plossls (no DS nomenclature), but the 26mm has a plastic barrel (chrome painted) while the 9.7mm has a metal barrel. Both appear to have plastic field stops and heads. The lenses have good coatings and seem otherwise the same as the Plossls that came originally.

My question is this...are these equivalent to the current series of retail 4000 Super Plossls? Are the longer FL Plossls of this line moving to plastic barrels? I'm thinking of round out my set of the 4000 super plossls, but won't bother if my existing 9.7's and 26 aren't really true Meade Super Plossls of the 4000 generation. The EP seems the same when I look through it, but I can't compare directly as I no longer have the metal barrel 26 with which to make a side by side comparison.