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    Default Here's that question again...

    But I think I have enough of a twist on it to merit asking. I am lucky enough to have a wife who shares my interest in astronomy. She is unlucky enough to have astigmatism to a degree that she has to wear her glasses while viewing. I need a long eye relief EP. I'm a newbie and have read all the names of manufacturers and seen prices but my question is which LER EP is the best value for the money? I'm savvy enough to know that it is possible to pay more for a "brand name" and yet get no greater quality than a less expansive brand. I'm thinking something in the 25-30mm range.


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    I also wear glasses and NEED (not want) long eye relief in my eyepieces...anything 16 to 20 mm of eye relief is what I buy....

    That said ... I own some rather expensive eyepices (Pentax XW's Panoptics ... The Baader Hyperions all have 20 mm of eyerelief and are about 100 bucks CHEAP especially when compared to the Televue Pentax brands etc...

    The Meade SWA 5000's happen to be on sale right now from several dealers and they too have long eye relief and are good eyepieces priced under 100 bucks ..

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