Some time ago, I purchased a 35mm eyepiece from Siebert Optics. The views are very crisp with excellent contrast, and the focus "sweet spot" is very large, as I suspect is the case with all longer F/L eyepieces. The only problem with it is that it overpowers the underlying optics of my little dob, and my eye must be at the exact right place or I get blackout and kidney bean.

I was told before I bought it that it would probably put my scope below my theoretical minimum magnification, but I had to find out for myself. ......and I did.

Knowing of Harry Siebert's Satisfaction guaranteed policy, I called him today and proposed exchanging it for his 30mm Ultra (bottom of page). He agreed, and I just posted the 35 off to him, wrapped in enough greenbacks, (they are not green any more) , to cover the cost difference and return postage.