I'm thinking of using my C5 1250mm scope with Afocal projection using a Williams Optics DCl-52mm eyepiece attached to my Canon 35mm F2 lens thats also 52mm. I'm thinking I can just screw in the eye piece into the lens. I dont know if the optics will clear one another but thats for later I guess assuming I buy it.

So two questions. Has anybody attached the DCL52 with any Canon lenses on a DSLR.

Second question is how would I work out the final focal length using my scope and also the dcl-52 eyepiece which is fl of 75mm I believe using a 35mmx 1.6 crop factor.

Thank you

I attached my Canon XSI with a 50mm F1.4 lens against my 2 inch Super View GSO 42mm eyepiece and I liked what I saw so now I'm after Afocal projection for some more reach. In this case Jupiter.

Currently I max out at
1250mm x 1.4TC x 1.6 crop - which is around 2800mm fl