Hello, last night I was able to bring the little ETX-80 out (despite horrible seeing to only mag 3). My goal was to run some new eyepieces through their paces. One recent acquisition is a used Orion Stratus 21mm. This EP is too heavy for this scope, but seems to work if I insert it after slewing to my target first (it helped that the target was high up). My target was "The Patriot Star" (Omicron-1) in Cygnus.

I was immediately struck by how much sharper the stars looked compared to the Meade 26mm Plossl and especially their color. The red of Omicron-2 was especially noticable, as well as the distinctive orange, white and pale blue of the Patriot stars themselves. I reinserted the Plossl just to be sure and while the field itself was reasonably sharp, the colors and overall presentation just didn't have the crisp feel and clarity of the Stratus.

So...my question...what other eyepieces offer the sharpness of field and especially the clarity of color afforded by the Stratus/Hyperion family of eyepieces? I would love to find one in a similar price range but with half the weight (and with good ER as a plus...I can sacrifice FOV if need be).