Last weekend i bought a gso 50mm 2in from my favorite scope shop and lastnight i got to try it in the 8in schmidt . The gso 50mm had real good eyerelief , almost too much compared to the meade 5000s . The gso is a LOT less expensive though and edge of field was very sharp . When i swapped out the gso for a series 5000 the meade seemed a lot brighter . the orion nebula with the meade looked a lot greener . With the gso you could see the filiments of the nebula but it looked a lot whiter and not as green . The meades have a twist up eyecup which is a feature that i like and they are a lot heavier , telling me they are a stronger build . I think heavier is better . The GSO eyepieces are fullymulticoated and are of good quality . I would buy another one if i was trying to save some money on eyepieces . I paid 70 dollars for a 50mm 2in. and that is a big savings compared to 199. for the series 5000 plossl 2in.