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    Default Altair lightwave 5x flat field tele extender barlow

    Hi folks

    Any one got one of these? If so are they any good?

    Kind regards

    8" Altair Astro Ritchey Chretien on a Celestron CGEM DX, 6" Altair Astro Ritchey Chrétien on a Celestron AVX mount, Celestron omni XLT 150 reflector on omni cg-4 mount with dual axis motor, 2x Barlow, 25mm ep, Baader Hyperion 13mm EP with 28 and 14mm extensions, Celestron X-cel LX 7mm EP coloured filter set, lp filter, moon filter. Nikon D5300, ZWO120mc

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    Default Re: Altair lightwave 5x flat field tele extender barlow

    Hello Steve
    Seems no one is responding to your ?. I will give you my 2¢. I cannot understand why something like this is even being made other than to relieve a consumer from their money. Optically it would be worthless for visual use because it would probably exceed your telescopes maximum magnification limits with all but the longest focal length EP's. It would also put your exit pupil with most EP's in the sub 1mm range and be so dim that unless you had extremely large aperture you would barely discern objects. "Seeing" (atmospheric limitations) usually limits the amount of magnification one can apply to an observed object. Seeing usually limits magnification to 150 to 250X. You can magnify the crap out of a object but it will not render any more detail than the seeing conditions will allow. So if you have a blurry object at 150X it will just be a bigger blurry object at 500X and will be jumping all around the FOV in the EP due to atmospheric "scintillation".

    A 3X amplifier would be a lot more practical but still pushing things. Proper EP's for the range of magnifications appropriate for your telescopes, would be even more practical. Forget Barlows and start acquiring EP's that stay within practical limits of your telescopes minimum and maximum magnifications (max-mag usually given as 2X the aperture in MM) and with exit pupils of no less than 1mm, no greater than 6mm.

    Telescopes: Assorted brands and designs from 60mm up to 203mm (9). Eyepieces: Two 6mm BO's (Brown Organics - Eye Balls). Mounts: Celestron, Meade, Orion, Vixen, Skywatcher. Cameras: Canons, Logitech, Orion, QHYs.



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