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Thread: ES 20mm 68 Degree vs Vintage, TeleVue 19mm Wide Field

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    Default ES 20mm 68 Degree vs Vintage, TeleVue 19mm Wide Field

    Viewing conditions have been horrible here for the past few weeks--except of course, when the moon has been bright. So, last night there was enough improvement to at least bother taking out Dr. Seuss (my AR 102 refractor (f=6.5)). Conditions were still fairly marginal--barely Bortle 4-- with a very thin layer of high clouds alternating with clearer patches. I took the opportunity to compare two eyepieces while viewing the half-dozen Herschel 400 open clusters in Auriga and a few other DSOs.

    M31/M32/M110 were lovely in both eyepieces. The ES 20mm 68* had a slightly wider actual FOV, as well as a wider apparent FOV (68 vs 65 degrees). I spent a lot of time viewing M110 trying to discern any difference in the detection of the faintest stars, but noticed none. I repeated this on the Pleiades and the Auriga OCs, and came to the same conclusion: the dimmest stars visible in one eyepiece were also visible in the other. Scatter around bright stars also seemed so similar that I could see no difference. The rubber eyepiece cup on the ES made for more comfortable viewing and easier eye placement than on the TeleVue, which had no eyepiece cup.

    The ES 20mm WAS sharper off-axis than the TeleVue 19mm, with the former not showing ANY distortion until very near the edge of the field. Both eyepieces provided tack-sharp stellar images on axis; the ES 20mm stayed sharper (and possibly flatter) farther off-axis than the TeleVue 19mm. I was impressed by how well the 30-year old-plus TeleVue held up to the modern eyepiece, even though the newer eyepiece is slightly better at the margins.
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    Default Re: ES 20mm 68 Degree vs Vintage, TeleVue 19mm Wide Field

    Hi Gordon,

    I have never looked through a Televue 19mm Widefield, but I have to agree about your assessment on the ES68 20. It is really the best eyepiece in the series, IMHO. I have a 100mm f/8 and a 102mm f/6, both acromats. The ES68 20 is captivating in both scopes.
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    Default Re: ES 20mm 68 Degree vs Vintage, TeleVue 19mm Wide Field

    I agree!

    The 20mm ES 68 is a really nice EP!




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