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all great advice. to answer the question. this is my eyepiece collection : 31mm televue ( about to be shipped ) , 20 mm ES 68 , 15 mm celestron stock/kellner eyepiece , 6 mm plus eyepiece .

I think you guys are right, I should be ok . I will wait for my scope to get delivered and use it and based on that, I have a better idea which eyepiece I will need.

But suggestions are welcome to make my set complete
I have the Nagler 31T5 & Nagler 22T4 both are excellent and will be permanent in my collection. The next step up in power is the Delos 14mm etc.
I had the Panoptic24 previously and while it was a fine eyepiece, I like the N22 better for all of my scopes. The sliding eye guard on the Nagler 22 is excellent, once adjusted there is no blackout, kidney beans or other issues.
If you decide to get the N22 you can sell off the ES20 (you won't need it).