Just wanted to close this out.

The Agena Starguider Dual ED eyepiece went back. They measured it and it was found smaller than what I measured but still larger ,by their measurements, than my other EP. They charged me shipping. I have since changed to all Meade 5000 HD-60 EP and they measure better than the Agena.

As for the filter, I decided to swap up to a 2" and avoid all 1.25" EP issues. Dan again was awesome and offered me a deal. Thank you Dan. Definitely a class act and should we ever meet, I owe him a meal or at least a round of drinks for his efforts. All I can say is all of us should support him in this hobby. Not only is he a great and caring businessman but He also puts out a great product. Orion Neb. never popped so nicely!!. I cannot wait to get some of his other offerings.