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    Post Quick Notes on Meade 5000 2" 32mm and 40mm

    Don't forget the Wide Field EPs
    One of the things I have learned over the last few months is not to underestimate the beauty of wide-field viewing.
    I have a Meade 6" Schmidt Newtonian (has corrector plate so no spider vanes and some coma correction) that is 762mm
    I had some enjoyment last winter one night with it mounted and a 40mm EP. Looking at open clusters in a whole new way.

    But my 40mm was an Orion 1.25" with about 40mm AFOV so while I could see more it was tunnel vision.

    got me a Deal
    Last month while surfing Amazon I came on package deal for about $150 dollars for the Meade 5000 (not the ultra wide versions) 32mm and 40mm EPS. Both are 2" right now its about $200 to buy them as separates.. so I am feeling lucky about grabbing the deal.

    Meade Instruments Corporation - Series 5000â„¢ Ultra Premium Eyepieces

    You can just think of them is Big and Bigger. the 40mm make my Hyperion MKIII zoom look small. The 40 mm is at least 3.5" across at the EP
    The 32 mm is about 60% of that size.. (which may be an issue)

    They both look nice with their silver, red, and black colors. Feel well made. They both have twist up Eye-caps you might miss as the entire outer shell of the EP twists and moves up. Come with black boxes with felted plastic fitted linings.. but now plastic case etc.

    Last night we had average to poor transparency, and a nearly full moon so after doing some PEC training and guide testing. I decided to take the new EPs out for First Light...

    This was on my C9.25. It will be interesting to see them on the Meade 6" later this summer.

    Both have a 60 deg AFOV which is why I picked them up. This was a 50% improvement over what I had for a lot less than a 68deg EP.

    First was the 40mm:
    What better test than the Double Cluster in Perseus, Which is just coming out from behind trees for its Summer and Fall views in my yard.

    Lots of light pollution in the HAZE and from Moon.. but I can see a few dozen brighter stars in each. The stars are really sharp in the 40 MM.. There is a red star between the two clusters that had very rich color. On the C9.25 both clusters are in the FOV and looked really nice. The field appears pretty flat and there is minimal distortion. The entire moon and then some fits in the FOV.. I forgot to look for CA but it wasn't bad enough that I noticed it when not looking for it.

    The very edge of the field there is some stronger star distortion. I have seen this on Wide Angle lenses where they stretch the FOV a bit more so maybe this is a 58 DEG AFOV EP . Mostly if you are not looking for it it is off to the side. When looking at M13 with the 40mm I was able to distinguish individual stars not just a total fuzz ball! It actually feels a bit sharper than the Hyperion MKIII at 24mm which I like, so that is saying something. I
    On the C9.25, It is sensitive to eye position.. too close or too far and the image shrinks and blacks out.. But the eye cup will help you set a good distance and its far enough way its giant opening should be good for Eyeglasses (though I had mine off for this viewing)

    For $80-$105.. I think this 40mm EP is a keeper... (List was $199 before Meade discontinued the line)

    32mm smaller and less of everything

    After the 40mm the 32mm was a bit of a disappointment.. maybe if I had started there I would have been more positive. It still has a nicer AFOV and was just barely able to get both clusters in my eye at once. But it is 25% less Focal Length while being physically about 40% smaller. Its field is not flat and the distortion and CA is much closer to the center. I will try it out on the Meade and maybe under better conditions.. but it is not nearly the visual quality of the 40mm.

    Unless you are OCD about matching EPs.. I would say the 40mm while they are still being sold is a good choice for a 2" medium Wide AFOV EP. I would skip the 32mm. Mine may be on its way to eBay later this month.
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