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    Default I did my first upgrades to my scope

    Today I went to the local Telescope store and I learned alot about how to balance my scope, and the difference from the smaller scopes and the larger ones. I knew I wanted a 2x Barlow Lens, but was not sure if I wanted an Eye piece. I ended up getting the Barlow and I got a Baader Hyperion 8mm Eyepiece. I was going to stick with 10mm at first but, there was no price difference from the 8mm and the 10mm so I went with the 10mm. I went with this for it's very wide field of view. I was thinking more long term on the 8mm. I knew that higher the scope power the more your field of view reduces, so I figured if I can get something with a wide field of view this wont be as much of an impact. This will be helpful down the road when I upgrade the scope eventually sometime in the future.

    I also plan to get the Celestron NexStar 5" SE Telescope sometime in the spring, for it's portable. I was able to see it person and It's alot more portable then what I have now. The downside to these I learned is because it's focal length is much higher then you get greater magnification alot faster. Example: With the scope I have now I would get 158x magnification using a 8mm eyepiece and 2x Barlow. With the Celestron 5 SE with the same eye piece and Barlow I would get 317x magnification which is a waste because the max you would ever get out of the scope is 250x.

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    A 5 inch scope can use high magnification without any improvement in detail. The max detail for a 5 inch is about 190x. Weather "seeing" will seldom let you take advantage of that.

    The aperture of your scope causes smearing due to diffraction at about 127x. As you increase magnification your eye resolution plus the diffraction limit results in the best detail. After that it's like looking at a newpaper photo with a magnifying glass.



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