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    Default Astro Engineering AC710/AC613 & AC685 Barlows...


    I'm looking at maybe getting a new Barlow to assisting me not only with viewing but also possibly astro imaging - CCD and/or DSLR.

    I have a Skywatcher Explorer 150P (750mm/150 f5 reflector) which I've upgraded with a polarscope and it's soon to have RA motor drive. My camera is a Pentax K-X DSLR (which I can attach already to the T thread of the viewer) and I have got my hands on a Philips ToUcam PCVC840K webcam - which I'll flash upgrade and get the nose piece and IR lens.

    Which of the above Barlows would be a good investment for thru scope photography and general viewing? I am looking to experiment photography with DSLR thru the scope and using piggyback but I also eventually play with webcam imaging. Interests: DSO, moon and planetary. I saw these Barlows and thought - flexible and cool. But are they for me?!?

    Has anybody used any of those barlows. I'd like to know what you think about them and their suitability for my use and set up. I understand going to something like the AC685 (x5) it would be perhaps impracticle to slap a DSLR on the thread (although one can!) but it would be more suited for a webcam. Has anybody used one?!? Examples of what you took would be great! I also know the higher the magnification the more chance that the smallest vibration being also amplified etc... I'm kind of thinking of maybe one of the 1st two mentioned (...the 2x + 1.5x AC710 or the 3x AC613) unless you think of something else?!? The idea of having something which takes a 1.25" eyepiece, a webcam and also has a T thread for a DSLR appealing.

    Your thoughts and feedback welcome.


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    For all intents and purposes the 2X barlow is the most useful. Now when itcomes to planetary astrophotography, the 3X and 5X barlows migh be able to help. But for visual work, the 2X is the most useful, and easiest to plan an EP collection arround.



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