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    Default eyepieces for Meade LightBridge 12 Inch

    I just got a Meade LightBridge 12 Inch. Witch eyepieces work best with it. Thanks

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    They all do. It's a great scope.

    Seriously, I think you are asking what eps you might want to have. That's an f/5 which means the fl is about 1500 mm. A 15 mm ep will give you a magnification of 100x. A super plossl with a 70 degree aFOV will give you 0.7 degree (70/100) actual FOV. That's a really nice point in my opinion.

    For detail you can go as short as 3 mm. But a 3 mm plossl has very short eye relief. I would choose something around a 5 mm with 15 to 20 mm eye relief and use a barlow. That will give a somewhat blurred image, but the detail you see will be the max your scope can give.

    Then you might want a low magnification to search with. The aperture is 300 mm and the exit pupil is determined by the magnification. The eye is about 7 mm (5 mm if you're my age). You should not go below about 60x which would be a 25 mm ep which gives a 5 mm exit pupil. I have a friend, however, that occasionaly enjoys puting in his 2 inch 50 mm. All the other eps I have referred to can be 1.25 inch without a penalty.

    Have fun, clear skies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crl72 View Post
    I just got a Meade LightBridge 12 Inch. Witch eyepieces work best with it. Thanks
    Hi crl72,welcome to the forum.

    I would recommend the following eyepieces:

    1) 2" 30mm GSO Superview FOV 67deg. (wide field of view at 50x(field 1.34deg or 3 moon diameters)).

    2) 1.25" 20mm GSO Superview FOV 67deg. 75x (field 0.89deg or 1.8 moon diameters.

    3) 2" GSO ED 2x Barlow with 1.25" adapter to double the power of each of the above eyepieces, but at the same time maintaining eye relief and wide fields of view.

    4) 1.25" GSO ED 3x Barlow to use with the 20mm at #2 to give an acceptable 225x which is an a useful magnification for moon and planets when seeing is reasonable to good.

    With the above eyepieces used in combination with the barlows you would have the following range of magnifications:


    I have suggested the above range of occulars because (a) of their excellent value for money (they perform favorably with other brands 2 to 3 times the price). (b) The wide field views. (c) Good range of practical magnifications for your dob.

    Stephen.(44deg. S.)



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