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    Default Pick my barlow x2 or x3

    I can either get the Antares x3 MC Barlow Lens, or the Antares Deluxe 2x Barlow lens with T-thread, to use with my 8" dob. The 2x says "ideal for prime-focus astro photography", does this mean i can attatch my cheap digital camera and use it without an eyepiece, or will it only work with an SLR camera?
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    Since I am NOT into AP of any kind I can;t answer your last question (but I expect the answer will be no)

    On the 2x vs 3x ...: I have owned dozens of telescope over the last 50+ years I have been in this hobby and to be honest I have never found any need (or want for that matter) for a 3x barlow...

    That does not mean there is none... but in your scope for visual use I personally would have no need for a 3x barlow others may ..but I sure do not

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    The choice between a (1.5X) 2X (2.5X) 3X Barlow should be made with respect to what eyepieces you have or have on the list to acquire.

    If you have spaced your EPs in a 2/3 ratio, the 2X Barlow doubles your EP collection with out duplication. With this setup, you can cover the entire useful FL range in 3 EPs and a Barlow/PowerMate.

    So consider a 31mm Nagler T5, a 21mm Ethos and a 13mm Ethos with a 2X PowerMate. You get 31mm, 21mm, 15.5mm, 13mm, 10.5mm, and 6.5mm, missing only something in the 8mm range.

    Then consider a 31mm Nagler T5, a 21mm Ethos and a 13mm Ethos with a 3X PowerMate. You get 31mm, 21mm, 13mm, 10.3mm, 7mm, 4.3mm.

    I don't know about your scope, but in mine, the 2X arrangement is more useful than the 3X arrangement--as 4.3 would only be useful for collimation purposes.



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