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    Default Eyepiece Speed Review

    Having gone through a fair few eyepieces I thought I'd write fast review of some of the stuff I have owned.

    Skywatcher Super Plossl - Good economy eyepiece especially between 15 and 32mm. Like all Plossls it will struggle below F5. Nothing wrong with the build quality but it just seems a bit ho-hum. Dependable but not exciting.

    Celestron Standard Plossl - 32mm excelllent the others good but only so-so. Buy cheap or dont buy at all. My first half decent EPs as a tesp up from the ones supplied with the scope.

    Vixen NPL - 30mm - really quite superb and for the price its happeness on the cheap. Casing is a bit plastic but the optics are top drawer in this price bracket. 30mm is wonderful and even though I have better EPs I still like to use this one because its so comfortable and it gives a good contrast. Up for sale (maybe).

    TAL 25mm Series II - Much vaunted classic and takes on all comers in the Plossl market down to F5 but its uncomfy. If you can get a good S2 with the purple coatings then buy but dont pay over £20 because more modern designs can run over it. Other TAL Plossls are solid and sound but only so so. Would sell mine but I use it as a cap for my hanger queen scope.

    Baader Hyperions - Good all rounders, solid build and the 13mm is a gem. Others can be tricky to use and the smaller focal length will black out easy in the hands of the inexperienced. Sharp wide fields and above F5 rather good. At F5 and below they can be a bit soft at the edges. Sold mine on in a radical shake up of EPs requirements.

    Skywatcher Panaviews - a marvel of an eyepiece at the price. Edge performance falls to bits below F5 and even at F5 the outer edge shows aberrations but most people wont care in this price range. A really comfortable to use and well made lump of glass - very heavy and feels like quality throughout. Very high contrast views. 32mm is the best of the bunch - 26mm less thrilling but still solid, 38mm is a monster and the eyepieces is so large it feels as if you are putting your head in a bucket. Too big an exit pupils for many scopes but for a huge widefield view its rather amazing. Loved mine and only sold on because I bought something more exotic.

    TMB Planetary IIs - good short focal length EPs for planets and in scopes above F5 really quite good. At F5 and below the view gets soft. Nice long eye relief though even at 6mm and comfortable to use with few vices. The 6mm version is often direct from Burgess (2nd hand only) most are clones but dont let that put you off - for the price its a good eyepiecs and on planets and the moon very nice.
    Longer focal lengths can be a bit soft. Build quality is fine in the three I have owned. Have sold on some but am retaining the 6mm because long eyerelief at 6mm is more imporatnt to me than sharpness.

    UO Abbe Orthos - cant tell you havent had enough use to advise. Well made though and pretty to look at. Limited viewing with them shows very sharp images on bright objects like Jupiter. I have only used them in an F15 scope so far.
    Considered by those that know these things and lie awake to worry over them to be a 'gold standard' in Orthos. For me eyerelief is tight at 9mm and I wouldnt go lower than that personally.

    Explore Scientific 100' - Only have the 14mm - what can I say ? Its HUGE. Huge in pysical size, Huge in its views and Huge in terms of being controversioal two years ago. The price is appealing if you buy stateside. I like mine and its the most used EP in the F5 Newt and the only survivor of all my eyepiece upgrades.
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    Thanks, AB. I printed this out and it will go into my EP reference file. Gotta shop smart in this galaxy.
    you thought I was going to say "in this economy" didnt you? I HATE that expression, so I fixed it just for us.
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