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    Default BST Explorer 5 mm with F/5 Dob ? ?

    Hi All,
    Tempted to buy the BST Explorer 5 mm for my 10" F/5 Dob for the rare occasions I might be able to go to 250x. Just wondered if anyone uses this eyepiece at this mag and at this fast focal ratio? I wont get to use it often, so dont want to go mad moneywise, but wonder if it wont perform well, whats the point. Have a BST Explorer 8mm giving me 156x which I love, a TMB Type II 6mm giving me 208x which I'm less happy with. Dont know if its the extra mag that makes the TMB perform less well, or whether the BST performs better, or is it the lower mag helping the BST. I'd appreciate any experience you ladies or gentlemen have in the matter. Thanks

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    I have a 6mm TMB and its pretty sharp. With that said mine is a genuine Burgess one and not a clone.

    It may just be a mag/bad skies issue though rather than an eyepiece issue. I have used a range of EPs in my F5 8" scope and much under 9mm is always a bit hazy on anything except a really bright target.

    The genuine Burgess TMBs worked well enough ona big review of 6mm EPs where it performed credibly even up against a Zeiss Abbe Ortho which costs megabucks and is deemed to be a gold standard by those who have used one.

    I have a Hyperion 5mm up for sale at the moment and personally I think my TMB at 6mm gave it a run for its money on everything except FOV and generally I found the 6mm to be more comfy to use.

    Would a 5mm get much use ? A lot depends on your skies and the tragets you choose. It might get reasonable use on the Moon for instance.

    Personally I'd not buy high power EPS again for my reflector - anything much under 10mm always seems to get little use but when I want monster power I fish the 180 Mak out where I can run with a 10mm and get x300 if needed.

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