In the near future I will be looking to add a high power ep. Anyone have opinions? I was thinking about Orion's on edge planetary ep's. I also wanted to know how anyone feels about the baader hyperion ep's for planetary viewing? I own a cpc 1100 and was using my 17mm ep at 165x. Then used my 12mm orion illuminated ep (233x). I thought the 12mm ep did much better and I saw more color in the bands of jupiter. I then used my 2in shorty barlow with the 17mm which gave me about 329x. The 12mm was still better. Is that just a case of hitting the right sweet spot or are the hyperions not as good on planetary viewing? I also had a 9mm and 6mm expanse ep, which I sold, that seemed to perform better then the 17mm hyperion. So any opinions would be taken for a good planetary ep.