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    Default Orion Shorty Barlow vs Shorty-Plus

    Did a little searching and didn't find anything really. I am going to purchase a barlow. I was thinking I would get the Orion Shorty. Seems to get good reviews and the price is good. However, I see the Shorty Plus at almost twice the price. 2 elements vs 3 and Taiwan manufacture, vs Japan seem to be the main differences. One of the sticky threads above discussed a 3 elements vs a 2 element and concludes that the 3 element doesn't provide a noticeable benefit in an 8 inch Dob.

    So, a couple of questions. First, the Shorty or Shorty-Plus. Leaning towards the Shorty, but want some opinions before I pull the trigger.

    Second, will the shorty work with my scope. Orion XT4.5 Dob. 4.5 inch (114mm) aperture, f7.9, focal length 900mm. I expect it will focus OK, but saw a couple of comments about shorty barlows not focusing in some scopes while searching.

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    I have thew 1.25inch Shorty-Plus Barlow. I am very happy with it, works great. Used it alot with an Orion XT6. From what I can remember, the extra lens helps with the fact that the barlow is physically short, correcting the image a bit. Not 100% sure.
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